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I love writing and learning about business and passive income. So, I'm just finishing up my MBA program and I'm going to get into IM a bit. From my reading, business and passive income appear to be a bit too broad. So, I probably should start a blog about for instance rental property investment over something on passive income. However, I think it would be a great idea to have a website for all of the types of passive income.

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    I think that both the idea of creating a blog for "rental property investment" AND for "all types of passive income" are good idea. But my question is WHAT do you have EXPERIENCE in?

    The "rental property investment" blog would have a smaller following potentially but could prove more valuable to your readers IF you know that area well and can provide useful info, tips, resources, etc.
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      I like and hate how you put that. WHAT do I have EXPERIENCE in? The answer is nothing. However, I have a lot of interests.

      Looking to make my first million by the time I retire.

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    I'd suggest looking for a long tail keyword along the lines of passive income streams.

    Use that for your blog's theme, get a domain name that includes that long tail keyword. You can become an authority for that keyword.

    Some of your articles could be about rental property investment.
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      It might be hard to generate a following if you don't have the experience. That's been what I have found anyways. You could always look for someone to partner with who has experience and can help you come up with topics, tips and things that you can than polish into good copy.
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