I'm not sure weather to go for high medium or low competition. Thoughts?

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I'm confused on what keywords to go with and what niche to pick because I'm not sure weather to go for high medium or low competition. If I choose a niche with keywords with high competition, then chances are the SERP will most likely be in the 10's of millions. however, the higher competition keywords generally have higher CPC, granted you can even get any decent traffic to your site. On the other hand, lower competition keywords (from what iv'e observed) make it easier to rank faster to the the first page due to lower SERP and less overall competition niche sites.

Which is the best route to take? Right now I am working on a niche site that when you type in keywords you get a SERP in the 20 millions BUT cpc for this niche is very high... does this make it near impossible to rank in the first few pages? I mean jesus, there's 20 million other competitors.. Am I getting this right? still relatively new to IM, trying to gather all beneficial info..

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    It's better to have small streams of traffic from low competition low / mid volume keywords than going head to head with the big boys. YOUR STATS will help a lot. Read how to do it: Discover The Traffic Goldmine In Your Stats | Lets Build Websites
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    Long tail keywords or become an authority
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    I look to rank for keywords that have 20,000 visitors or less. Like ArielT suggests, these are probably long tail keywords.
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      Just focusing on big traffic exact match keywords will flag spam filters now a days so you're best to focus on writing super high quality content that includes a lot of the rich keywords that are part of long tail keywords.

      As you build up authority you will rank for a variety of different keywords. Just write your titles for your visitors and not an exact match keyword phrase. Mix it up a bit where the titles and the content use keywords. A very long tail keyword that contains other keyword phrases plus a mixture of words that make the title interesting is good way to go.

      I know you'll get old SEO advice but this is the way to go. You almost have to forget everything you've learned about SEO and just write killer content, keeping rich keywords in the back of your mind.

      To confirm what's working right now check Google for a variety of keyword phrases in different niches, and you'll see that there has been a huge shift. The days are gone where you can game SEO.

      As well make sure many of your posts diverse and not containing a bunch of the exact same keywords. This another reason an authority site is the best option these days to give you the best results by being approaching things more naturally.

      When you think about Google would not be the top search engine if they just rank sites higher that did more or "better" SEO.
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    I agree. Forget about SEO for now other than the obvious onsite SEO and concentrate on writing quality content. I have seen how my competitors have dropped in rankings because they focused on SEO and not on writing quality content.

    While I don't agree that SEO is dead, I do believe that we are entering a new phase in which content will be king.
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    Hi. Good question and you have had some good answers too.

    Personally I would take a completely different tack. If you are new to this game, then beginning with SEO and aiming to get your site ranked on the Search Engines will be a very big headache for you. You can spend hours (days - weeks!) working on such things to find almost no improvement. Any improvement you do make can disappear again overnight, either because your competition is working more than you, or because Google changes the rules.

    I say this from experience. I have been there and done that. Unless you have a very small niche, you will be in direct competition with hundreds of thousands of others who are all trying to do the same as you. It all adds up to a lot of heart-ache and not much reward.

    I have no doubt that others will tell you that it is entirely possible and they rank sites every day. However, It is my experience that to do this requires lots of content, lots of sofware which syndicates your content all over the net, lots of social media presence, and LOTS of time. I did it and I achieved decent positions for one of my sites, but doing all this was certainly not why I went into this business.

    My advice would be to do two things:

    1. Aim to deliver good quality content and value. This is the best way ot get a good reputation and to stand a chance of ranking in the search engines in the long run. Make sure you have a facebook presence as this will allow your content to go viral more easily and your reputation to build.

    2. Look for traffic elsewhere. You can structure things so that your return from paid traffic will be enough to profit if you do it well. You should also be building a list from the start. This will give you ready made people to market to.

    Ultimately, I am saying that you can spend your time on better things than attempting to rank on the search engines.

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