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Hello All, Totally new to online money making, i am wondering if any one could give me some help please
I have had various mails from what i have established on here are rubbish the get rich quick ones. the one that i have also received is about pinerest and how to make money from it

I am not sure if i am allowed to post this here if am not i am sorry

This does seem legit does any one know
Last ? is there money to be made from pinterest
Thank you for your time
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    You can make money on pinterest, but it requires a lot of work and a pretty loyal following. The same could be said for all social networks

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    social marketing is not a easy work and it needs potential followers.... A cheap fivver gig can give you lots of followers but that will not bring you single sells ....
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    You need quality followers to make money via social networking sites and Fivver is the cheapest way to get followers.
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      Hi The hardest part of any business is the marketing, that said today the Internet is huge so just about any worthwhile exercise will make money eventually, it just depends on how long you are willing to wait....

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    Hello, Mol

    I agree with the comments above. Pinterest, like other social networking, takes a heap of effort and like any good site that makes money, you must have a loyal following.

    It is the loyal following that takes time to build. Like you, I don't believe in Get Rich Quick schemes. - it only works for the guy promoting it to suckers. Business on the internet is no different to business off-line. We buy from businesses and people we trust. And businesses that do well, whether on line or off line need return customers.

    So, we're back to the marketing of a brand.

    Ok, back to your question about pinterest.

    It's a brilliant way to get traffic to your site, but be certain your Pinterest boards and pins reflect your brand. What you pin is for all to see - pick your images that reflect your values and your niche. Create a following and with sufficient interest your pins will lead to clicks on your site.
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      Does what you want to sell match the Pinterest demographics?
      (see here: Pinterest.com Site Info)

      There is a LOT of traffic on Pinterest, so if you can get that traffic to follow your links, then it's possible to make money from it.

      I would suggest doing some research of your own before spending money on any Pinterest ebook being promoted by mail. You might also want to check the Review section on the Warrior Forum before jumping into anything.
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