The Power of Perserverence

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I know I do not post much as of late, so most of you have no f'n clue who I am. That's ok, sometimes I wonder the same thing myself!

I joined the WF back in September of 2006. When I first joined, like most, I was an IM Sponge. Trying to learn everything, applying nothing. And I did this for a solid 6 months before jumping into the only thing I

The WF helped me (via a WSO) launch my graphic business which still, to this day, makes me money. I developed some great relationships and still have some of my original customers.

However, over the past 6 years, I have been knocked down many times. My goal of course was to work for myself since I suck at being an employee...and suck at it even harder since having a taste of working for myself!!

As stated, I have been knocked down many times over the past 6 years, most often as a result of some poor business decisions, poor partner decisions and at times some general laziness.

BUT, through all that I have gotten back up and tried to gain some valuable experience that can help me. Trust me, it is sooooooo easy to get kicked in the junk and lose business, and much harder to rebuild.

Failure in this industry is inevitable,but its what you take away from it that defines who you are. I have owned (and still own) brick and mortar businesses as well as IM related ones. It's much easier to "get back up on the horse" in IM than in Brick and mortar.

I may not post much but do read here a lot, and I see so many people that get discouraged and frustrated. I also see a lot more "come and go".

Trust me, there is no industry like IM that can offer all the income potential for such a short investment. There are many ways to skin a cat in IM, so when you fail (and you will at some point, sorry), chalk it off as a great learning experience, and go jump back in head first. Learn from your mistake!

With such a low ceiling for entry, you really have nothing to lose but time you spent reading this crappy post
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    I certainly agree with you Keith. Without perseverance, we will only experience the bitter taste of failure. One must persevere, regardless of how bad the circumstances might be, because tomorrow might be the day that you succeed.
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    You should post more often Keith - far better to have someone speaking from experience (imho) than read some of the regurgitated nonsense we get here
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      Originally Posted by Will Edwards View Post

      You should post more often Keith - far better to have someone speaking from experience (imho) than read some of the regurgitated nonsense we get here
      Haha, I know. Most of my experience lies more within running and building a business than the specifics of IM.

      Although alot of what I do relies heavily on marketing (music industry), its not usually about "How I made $5m in five minutes with no effort whilst juggling flaming squirrels" so its not glamorous.

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    Every word of your crappy post is true
    I have been at it for 2 years myself. I have not been able to truly reap the e-fruit till now.

    I do, however, see the true potential in this industry. This is exactly what keeps me coming back. I am a content writers currently searching for gigs.

    Wish me luck !!
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      So true Keith .....

      perseverance & stickability

      two words sadly missing from most of todays conversations & interactions :rolleyes:

      Keep on postin' Keith ....

      .... real life beats "theory" ANY day of the week !!
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