What is a "Sig"....

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Hi everyone

Heard a lot of talk on here about sig files and was wondering if anyone could explain what it is and how and why to use it???

Thanks in advance for the help!!
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    It's your signature file. It allows you to automatically add a shamless plug to the end of your posts.

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    You can add a signature file by clicking on your control panel link (User CP - its the first link on the left on the red bar just under the Warrior Forum title bar. Choose 'edit signature.'

    You can put whatever you want there, as long as it is not a direct affiliate link. It's best to read the rules Allen has posted about 'sig files' to see exactly what you can and can't do.

    You can choose to display your signature file at the bottom of every post. The clickable links and text that you see after a reply to a message in a thread is where the sig file appears.

    Many people use it to promote their website, or to put a favorite quotation or some other info that they want to be visible to the Warrior Forum community.

    I don't have a sig file set up right now, so there won't be anything showing under this reply. If you look at some of the other's replies you will see an assortment of signature files, but Sylvan's post right above mine has a signature file that includes text and a website link.
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      oooooh right!!!!

      thats what it is

      i know it may have sounded a daft question but i had absolutely no idea what it was!!

      thanks to everyone for replying
      Free WSO To Come!!
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