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Though there are millions of people using facebook, but I bet a lot of them still don't quite understand how facebook work, especially from business point of view. So here just to share how facebook work fundamentally:-

There are 2 elements in Facebook:-

Personal Profile
Is all about you. Your age, hobby, interest, family background....etc.

Fan Page
Is the place where you can share your business, put your opt-in form in. This is the place where you can build your list

Main benefits of Fan Page
1. You can have a opt-in form in fan page, so you can encourage visitors sign up and join your list.
2. You can sell direct from your fan page.
3. You can build your followers by encourage visitors to LIKE your fan page.
4. Very important, you can have a personalized Welcome Page.

So what is the main different between personal profile and fan page?

Personal Profile
1. With personal profile, you have Friends
2. Have limit to number of friends
3. Cannot sell direct. No opt-in form allow.
4. Visitors arrive at your WALL.

Fan Page
1. With fan page, you have FANs(or LIKE)
2. No limit to number of Fans.
3. Can sell direct. Opt-in form allow.
4. Can create an exclusive Welcome Page for visitors.

That's all I can think of. Any additional points to add?
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    Great thread...... You have explained it so simply, that is easy for everyone to understand, and to start thinking that if they have a business, they are probably missing a lot from not having a fun page.
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    If you have a successful business do not forget their ad space. Lot's of people to reach.
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    Simply Great! explained that everyone can understand easily.

    Thanks for share!
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    Excellent, great share.
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