Which idea should I go with?

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I am planning on starting my online company. I have narrowed my "business models" down to two.

1. Creating basic "template" sites that promote affiliate products. Then, I would sell the site as a turnkey business for a few hundred. (I've seen people on Flippa constantly selling three day old sites for hundreds).


2. I would create basic niche websites with 15 articles on each. They would target a specific keyword (g sniper 2 method) and promote affiliate products. Then I would get backlinks and do free promotion and free SEO. I would keep building these sites until I have around 5.

Which idea could make me a few thousand a month (of course putting forth effort)? Which one is the easiest? Which one works the best?

Also, what are your thoughts on CPA vs Affiliate Marketing?

I want to be successful. I have been reading all about internet marketing for years, and (sadly only now) I am ready to begin making money. I am just overwhelmed with all of these ideas.

Also, if people have a better method, what is it? What is the best method to make money online?

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    I am not loving either of these ideas. First one might work if you know how to present that website on flippa. Second one doesn't work anymore due to Google updates. Nowadays you can not add 15 articles to a blog and just backlink the crap out of it. Now you need to have fresh and quality content every week.
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    I agree with Sasa. GO to Flippa and see what others are doing there. Study and them and then create your own model
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    Is there any passive income model that works? I would just like to set up a business and let it run.
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      I don't understand why you have to chose one over the other.

      Why not do both? Why limit yourself?

      Why play Russian Roulette hoping that you pick the right choice?

      Launch both businesses -- worse thing that can happen is they both fail or they both make a lot of money!
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      If you figure that one out you will be a Billionaire! This internet marketing thing is a business and takes hard work. But once you do it and become profitable you hire employees (outsourcers) to do the grunt work. Problem is most campaigns have a life cycle and you will need to do the work again.

      Semi passive is the most I have found out how to do.

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      Is there any passive income model that works? I would just like to set up a business and let it run.
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