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Learning internet marketing is a lonnnggg process which is never ending. Some of us here are completely new to IM, some of us are experienced, and some of us are experts. When starting out, something which drove me nuts was coming across abbreviations for different terms which I would have to go look up (ie: internet marketing (IM)--obvious, but you get my point) before I could move on.

For all the newbies, here are some popular abbreviations for terms used in IM:

ppc= pay per click
ppl= pay per lead
ppa= pay per action
ctr= click through rate
seo= search engine optimization
cpc= cost per click
plr= private label rights
pr= page rank
mlm= multilevel marketing
wso= warrior special offer
tos= terms of service

These are terms that immediately came to mind. I think that sometimes, especially with more experienced marketers, what seems obvious to them is still confusing for people just starting out. Anyone want to add to the list?

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