Will Changing Themes Mess Up My Rankings?

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I want to change my theme from Genesis to Gazpo Mag. My only concern is that I have been using the SEO settings that have been built into Genesis rather than a plugin, like All in One SEO. So I'm guessing that when Genesis disappers so do the SEO benefits - Am I right in my thinking? Is there any way around it?
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    Just discovered a plugin called SEO Data Transporter, but it doesn't support Gazpo. Really not sure what my options are now...
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      Short answer: no

      I personally use Platinum SEO and it works fine.

      My humble suggestion: worry less about SEO, and more about your content and engaging your visitors.
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    Contrary to what everyone wants to believe, Wordpress out of the box is pretty darn good for SEO. So, changing Themes shouldn't adversely affect your SEO. When you choose to use plugin's for SEO, what you are essentially doing is using someone else's opinion as to what THEY think is best for SEO.

    And in this post-penguin world, I would be very careful following the masses here.
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    SEO data (titles, descriptions, keywords, index and follow settings) set up in Genesis will not be replicated in your new theme. However, it will still be in your database.

    If your new theme supports the same SEO settings as Genesis then a MySQL whiz should be able to write a script that would extract the data and add it to your new theme.

    However, if you think you may be changing themes again in the future then you would be better off using a plugin. Any changes or customisations that you want to be transferrable between themes should be done with a plugin.


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    from my experience the answer is no, unless your new them alters your internal linking structure

    Don't be afraid to ask me any question about YOUR SEO issues right now! SEO is my First, Middle & Last Name.

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    The answer is NO. Just don't change your site content, the meta tags, the permalinks and some minor seo stuffs and you've got no problem. Good luck with your new theme.
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    No it wouldn't affect just don't change any internal structure of the website. Lately SEO is having less influence on website ranking start focusing more on the content.
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    Nope. I was a serial theme changer in the beginning. I would have a theme for a couple of months and then out of the blue I would change it. A couple of weeks later I would change it again. I never had any adverse affects with my rankings.
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