How do you tell Google that the content on your pages are updated?

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Hello warriors,

I have a website (the one in my signature) that is indexed in Google and has more than 200 Indexed Pages in Google (also in yahoo).

I have made wide modifications to the structure of the website, and alot more text exist in these pages now. I know that Google is still indexing my pages but with the old content when I type the follow in Google Search Bar:

I would like to tell Google that the content are updated in my pages. How do I go about that? Please note that the pages I am talking about are far away from the homepage (in fact, some are so deep to be reached from the homepage). It's been roughly a week that I made the new modifications, and I can see in Google that the new pages are being indexed anyway... So I don't think that the spiders didn't visit my site within the past 7 days to crawl the new pages and update the old one.

Please advice,
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