Custom built site or pre-made theme?

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I am in the process of growing a site of mine and I am trying to find the best theme structure for it. I have been peeking at the source files for some big sites I like but they all seem to be custom built.

For all of you warriors who own and operate authority sites...did you use a purchased theme or did you pay to get it custom made?

Do you feel it really makes a difference?

I know when it comes to pre-made themes... I've found some that have things I like but none with everything I want....but I figured for now it would do just because of costs.

Any pro's or con's to either in your opinion?

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    I'm an avid user of Builder by Ithemes. It comes with several child themes and it lets you actually build your site the way you want. You can create as many page layouts that you need either with a sidebar or without. I have brought several themes over the years and I always go back to using Builder as it gives me the freedom I need to build my websites.

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    ill check it out @Gsdlady...thanks.

    any other opinions?
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    It depends on your taste, abilities and needs in terms of graphics and coding and last but not least the size of your wallet.

    I'd say let the site pay for it self... start with a basic free theme.
    You can still make it unique by making or buying some good graphics.
    Then get fancier over time as the audience and revenue grows.
    IMO the impact of themes is often overrated.
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    yea ur right...i think ill start with a purchased theme and build from there. I do my own graphic work..i just cant code....but yea..i think ill move into something custom as the site grows. thanks @lollobrigida
    If you don't build your dream
    someone else will hire you to help
    build theirs.
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    I would go for purchased theme also especially if you are not that into coding. One disadvantage of custom built site for you is you can't easily change designs and codes. Try having pre-made theme the first time and familiarize all the information, one step at a time.. Good luck Nickels!
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    If you are not into coding then better solution for you would be to buy a theme. There are cheap but good themes out there. Try Elegant Themes for $40 a year you have access to over 70 premium themes or you can go with something else like $70 or $80 licences for one theme at woo or ithemes.
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