Be careful when buying anything from Payza

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I recently purchased something online that required payment by Payza. Payza was the only option. Since I didn't have an account there I had to open one. Part of opening the account is funding it with a credit card, including a small test deposit to make sure it is your card.

The test charge/deposit was $1.68. I then put in another $7.68 so I would have enough to make my purchase.

For some reason my credit card company, Bank of America, considered them cash advances. BOA now has a $10 minimum fee on cash advances. Since there were 2 of them I was charged $20 in fees for just over $9 in purchases.

I don't remember this happening when I opened my PayPal account and did the same thing. I don't know if Payza screwed up the way the processed the deposits.

This is just a warning so hopefully this won't happen to anyone else.
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