I wish I could focus on one thing

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Just so much going on right now, little things I want to do which I know will make money, and yet not enough time to focus on them.

Currently I write (a lot) on Fiverr + Private Commissions

I then have an eCommerce Store that I want to launch (moving to Sweden next year and so it will be Swedish based)

Then I have a further eCommerce store (sort of tied into the previous one, very niche, but stock comes from the same place and will be listed on the main site anyway)

I have 8 designs of guitar pedals I want to build and market (own design)

Then I have a website I just bought for £200 that needs developing a little more in order to make money, although in all fairness, the nature of this website means that its a sit back and wait approach, it should generate money on its own, albeit only £3000 or so a year (reoccurring), if I can get that out of the way then great!

A couple of recipe books I want to launch on Kindle store, my girlfriend is setting up the bulk of these though and I am just editing at the end.

+ 1 other website which is in early stage of development, although friend is recording the content for me as I know nothing about it, she is just getting commission on any money the site generates.

There is just so much to do!

Thankfully I earn enough now to leave my full time job, and that I will be doing in December (gives me 4 months before I move to Sweden to get everything together)

Whilst I am at a state of confusion right now with regards to everything, I know pretty soon everything will come together. I also won't have to rely on one revenue stream for the rest of my life, which is going to be good.

I am glad I have friends that are there to help me, I can tell you that much.


Anybody got any ideas on how I can focus? Or have I taken on too much at once? (I write for around 7 hours a day, and thus the rest of my time is devoted to the other projects + socialising)
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    I have the very same problem. I'm dealing with 4 different work at the same time, and not being able to as productive as the people who only focus on 1 work. I think we should take it as fishing. Waiting in the same area, not moving, not getting frustrated and just waiting (improving fishing methods and working on it) for the big fish. It might happen anytime.
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    I use to be this way...it lead to over a 100 products listed at affiliate sites...

    However, something that changed for me was when I was told and shown (proof) of what actually works and works extremely well.

    Now I dont know how much your making a day with your efforts, but the trick is to generate a list...I know we see it all the time...and I use to know it but I really never did it.

    Then my mentor showed me live proof of the earning potential and how to drive thousands of people into a list in like 30 days...I was blown away.

    This kind of stopped me in my tracks. I stopped all the product creation and began focusing on that one thing...

    It caused me to really focus and think through the entire experience of promoting, selling, and relationship building.

    Because I was so scattered I would just throw up one or four products a month and never think through the entire process.

    I was kind of forced to slow down...and focus on the power of one...

    How do I make this one thing better...how do I improve
    • conversions
    • clicks
    • traffic
    • list building
    • sales

    for one product...

    It's not that you cant venture into various niches...but the trick is to get that niche humming. And put into a situation where you dont have to sell everyday to make a living...I know a very succesful marketer who moves into a new niche every four months...which means he gets that niche where it is producing and selling and then moves on to the next...that way it does not take much upkeep to keep everything going...

    What I did not know then...but I do know now...is that unless you get the entire process down and built up to a place where it creates residual income for you...then you are like a door to door salesman...

    Because unless you are out there everyday...working long crazy hours...you are not making money...

    But when you drill down and test and split test and get your site and market humming making residual income off the work you put in...then...it gets easier to organize and duplicate a winning formula...
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    Man you cluttered my world for a few seconds, lol. A jack of all trades is a master of nothing. If you want to be a master you will need to FOCUS in and choose your highest priorities and stick to them.
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    It is basic thing in internet marketing when we started internet marketing we may have read on several places about concentration, you should try one method at one time to focus on that but in influence of greed, you try to cover many methods this is the thing that leads to failure.
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    you have to start focusing your time and most of your effort on tasks which will actually help to build your business and build a long term income

    theres nothing wrong with building up your affiliate commissions for extra income but you don`t really want to focus all of your time on them

    i would say spend 5 hours a day on business building tasks and another 2 - 3 hours working on fast income methods

    i have found in the past that it starts in your head

    you need to have a plan and you need to follow through on exactly what you plan

    one of the things i will say is as long as you have some good knowledge about a particular topic or subject then start building a list and creating a product. This is the best way to spend your time when it comes to business building tasks

    what your going through is not un common so don`t worry, i have been through it and so have thousands of other people, but what separates you from most other people is your ability to "do what it takes to succeed"

    most people give up because it`s too much hard work and confusing

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    I think most marketing people have this problem... so am I ...
    not happy with it but I deal with it.

    Everyday I try to focus again and again and after a while I was focusing on focusing.
    Step back and now I let it flow away.... Now I start with letting my thoughts flowing
    for 10 minutes or so... and after that I set my goal for that moment and focus on that.

    That's how I do it now and it works so far...

    One more thing: Success RyanGillam :-)
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    Well The army taught me a very useful skill with this. Sit down and make a schedule. designate a certain amount of time every day to that task. I reccommend no longer then 1 hour. When you sit down for that hour sit there and do that and only that. dont get distracted with something else. use a timer so you know how long you have taken. once that hour is done schedule in 5 minutes to stand up and walk around or go play around or something but schedule your time. If you have to have 2 hours for 1 activity then plan 1 hour, 5 minutes 1 hour. I promise you that this will keep your mind focused on what you are doing. Turn off all other distractions and stay focused on it for 1 hour
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    I can kind of agree with the post above. As someone who's new and up-coming in the IM niche region it is hard and very difficult to choose the exact niche, the exact method or style to make money. It's choosing the correct one that allows for things such as great profits and so on.
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    I can relate, when I first started online was pursuing each niche at once to see which one would produce a big cash first. Best thing I could ever do was slow down, pick the one that I enjoyed doing the most and focused solely on that until I made it profitable. Your not going to master any one thing trying to master all of them at once. Specialist always make more than generalist.
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    One word - Prioritize.

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    make a list with all your options, choose something that you have more understanding in.
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    My advice would be to pick a couple of the highest income producing methods, scale those up, and outsource the others if suitable.
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    My problem is that I outsource my programming, design, SEO, etc. So when I have one project being developed I'll start another. It's a vicious cycle. I've finally decided to get rid of my side projects and focus on my main site. So hopefully I won't be so spread out!
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    I am rowing that boat myself. I am currently working on 2 larger websites, have a solid idea for a 3rd large website, wife wants me to create her a website and then I stumbled upon some niche keywords just begging me to play with...
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    Yes that is a problem with us all that is why I need to stay away from WSO

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      Hi Ryan,
      I don't think that "focusing" is your issue as much as just having too many things you are trying to do all at one time. You can be a "jack of all trades" or an expert at one. I think we all get caught up in trying to do to many things at once, and end up accomplishing too little from it. I would recommend you decide which tasks are most important to you, and will give you the greatest return, then concentrate on doing those for a certain amount of time. Then, if they don't work out as expected, rearrange your priorities.

      Trying to do too many things at one time can cause you to do nothing at all.
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    I would say you should figure out what you really want to get done, and then make that your number one priority. But that's not always the best way to do things, because my problem is the opposite of this. I only know how to intensely focus on one thing at a time. Which is both a strength and a weakness. Because I focus so hard sometimes, that I end up neglecting other things around me.

    So i realize now, that it's best to have "Balance". How do you get to this point? i can't tell you. But if anyones figured this out let me know, because i could use the insight .
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