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Hello Warriors!

I know it's not often that I just hand out information, but I figure it's something you can use to actually build your list, but to also get a greater amount of response to your mailings.

This technique is nothing new, but it will be to newbie warriors on here.

It's called the "Reverse Opt-in" technique. Many marketers have used this marketing strategy over and over again with great success. All of those big 'make money online' gurus use it from time to time, whenever they launch a new product that they expect to make them $1 million.

It's really simple. Think about how most people have their opt-in/lead capture page. Usually, they saying everything that they want you to hear to get your name and email information, right?

They'll make outrageous claims that can only be accomplished by signing up for a free report. That's what usually happens. Honestly, I'm not going to knock it. Why? because I still have many lead capture pages out there on the internet which are still like that

But, when someone does something outside of the 'mold', it stands out. The reverse opt-in approach simply does the opposite of what many marketers do. Instead of withholding information until you get the contact info; you actually give them some information right off the bat, to show them that you know what you're talking about, and that you're a credible source for information and advice on your niche. After that, you ask for the opt-in for more based off of what you just divulged to them for nothing.

Pretty much, you're instilling confidence in your potential prospects that you are something worth following. And that by giving you their name and email, not only will they be in touch with you, but that you'll continue to divulge more valuable content, advice and recommendations.

In other words...give them some valuable content first that they can use right then and there, and then ask for the name and email if they want MORE.

Get it?

The best time to ask someone for their name and email is when they're TRULY interested and trusting in YOU and what YOU have to say.

Yes, you can get people interested in you by doing what most marketers do...which is withhold information until they get the signup. You can always generate interest by using hype and mystery.

Unfortunately, that doesn't generate trust...

And that's the second part of the equation. Usually when people get the initial opt-in, they do one of two things.

1) Work on building trust and a relationship with the subscriber.

2) Start piling on email ads trying to make a buck.

Either way, you might be kicking your own a$$ doing both. It's obvious that if you start promoting new products to a new subscriber, you're gonna piss them off and make them unsubscribe. That's a given.

But working towards building trust through a series of emails, can also work against you as well. To build up trust, you can't really ask for money right away. And in the meantime, a HUGE portion of your subscribers are gonna get on that 'free ride' mentality, and not wanna pay for nothing when you DO ask.

That's why we have low conversion ratios in the internet marketing industry, like 1-2%.

But think about this...

You initially come off the bat, very confident in yourself, by just throwing valuable information at them. You're building a relationship with that person right there and then, by showing that you know what you're talking about; and that you didn't even force them to do anything at all to obtain the information.

That exudes confidence with your visitors. And even if your visitors do nothing more than absorb the information, and never sign up for anything, you've already scored 'brownie points' with them. The next time they hear about you, you've already broken the trust barrier, and can get a better response from them.

And think of this...

You give them free info for nothing, no purchase, no signup. Of course, you don't give them ALL the information right there and then.

There should always be MORE to the information.

EXAMPLE: You could have a website that serves as a lead capture page, with a nice letter explaining what 'private label rights' are and how anyone could make money from them.

This information is helpful to them, because you just showed them a new avenue to making money from the comfort of their own home.

Of course, to learn the steps to making it all work, they should sign up for your free report on how to set it up.

Then naturally, you have the report showing them how to do it, how to edit, revise, and create a new digital product from PLR. Now, you advertise the source of private label products, so they can get started right now.

See the process?

1. Free No-Risk, No Pressure Information
2. Free Signup for More Information
3. Recommendation of a Resource related to making the information WORK

Step one makes the visitor comfortable, trusting and interested in you. You're giving them information (interest) for free (trust) without having to signup (comfort). A triple whammy!

Step two naturally scores you the opt-in of a highly-targeted lead with high-interest.

Step three makes it easier to get paid.

The way 99% of email marketers out there do this, is that they do the same steps above, expect Step One.

And as I've pointed out to you, Step One secures the interest, trust, confidence and comfort of a new subscriber. So, by not doing Step One, you're just getting a basic lead who has shown interest, but still have no trust and/or confidence in you. And by the way, until they get to know you from your email marketing campaign, they won't feel comfortable with you just yet. They're just opening the door to possibly building a relationship with them.

And that's where many marketers SCREW UP. They either wait too long to build the relationship and lose all profitability of the lead...or they force new products on the lead and look like a money-hungry hippo.

That's why I believe it's good to give out information that they can run to the bank with. It secures your credibility, and instills the interest, trust, confidence and comfort in a new potential subscriber. That way, when they sign up, they'll be super receptive to your every word, even if it's an affiliate offer disguised as a 'product recommendation'.

In a sense, the 'Reverse Opt-in' is using reverse psychology on your visitors. They're assuming that they're gonna have to sign up for something first before they get the goods. Instead, they get the good first, and are lead to sign up for more (once you've always got them drooling with the valuable gems of information/goods you've given them).

Hope this helps all my struggling marketers out there. Go out and prosper!


P.S. - Please add to this lesson/discussion. Input is greatly appreciated.
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    Nice blog post, totally agree!

    In fact I discovered this method a few months ago and i'm currently using it for the free video (link in sig) on IMPM.

    The basic process is:

    Value-Packed Video -> Opt-In -> Value-Packed Video Continued -> Sales Page With Special Offer (Just For People Who Watched The Video)

    It works very well, as i'm getting a huge amount of opt-ins already, and the launch isnt until tomorrow!

    - James.
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      As a newbie it is greatly appreciated and I have heard of reverse opt-in before but never explained in such detail. So thank you for the information and I agree it is a much better approach when you are starting off.

      Learn Important Facts To Building A Successful Business, The Healthy Way

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