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Hello Folks

I've been in IM for about 2 years now and earning a lot of money for a lot of affiliates on clickbank, but now I've decided to take the leap and create my own product.

It's pretty ambitious too, we have created over 50 hours of video content on how to use music software like pro tools, Logic etc (effectively what photoshop is to graphic design and what dreamweaver is to the web) and intend to sell this to the ever growing 'Make music from home / X Factor Generation'

Now, we have an absolutely killer domain name, potential amazing JV partners and I really think, judging by the market research we have done on our TM, this really could be a success.. However, I would like to put something forward for the deliberation of the warriors... :

'' What do you think would be the best Ineternet business model for this type of information product, in the kind of industry ? ''

My business partner and I are discussing and working through some details which will either make or break the business... For example, do we use:

* Direct sale video access OR Subscription based video access

* Website OR Mini site

* Optin and give away free information OR Pay for the whole product up front OR sell on the auto response back end

* Sell each software product (Logic / Pro Tools / Reason) individually OR as a total package

* Create a 'Launch'

- - - -

There seems to be a lot of questions as to which of these options would benefit us more than the other, and naturally, I think that results of testing will prove to be the defining factor as to growing the business, but we don't want to drastically over price or undervalue our product and the business model that surrounds it, I think, would dictate how we play it out from here.

As always, your help and guidance is always very well respected.

Many Thanks Guys

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