WSO Rule Change?

by Kay King 14 replies
This is a serious question - not a rant.

I've noticed multiple WSO's recently that offer the same price on the WF as they are offering on other forums for the same product. Yet the rules still say:

2. A Warrior Special Offer Means The Price You Give Must Be Better Than The Price The Public At Large Can Get. (This is not a "buy my product" forum, it is a "Special Offer" forum)
When reporting offers that violate the terms the report tickets seem to disappear. The ticket is "confirmed" but then changes to "ticket does not exist". Nothing changes in these reported WSOs - so are we wrong to report violations of WSO rules? Is it best to just ignore them?

If the rules have eased - we all need to know about it. If "original product" and "special WF price" no longer are required, buyers need to know that, too.

As I said - this is not a rant. Just a request that whatever the rules are for WSO's should apply to everyone equally, including those who copy/paste the product/price from the same sales page running at DP.

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      Originally Posted by TMG Enterprises View Post

      I've kind of been wondering that myself. I noticed a couple of testimonials that state they paid a lower price than what the WSO offered which I thought was odd.

      Tina G
      That doesn't mean that they purchased it somewhere else for less.
      It could be that the WSO price was once lower, but is now higher than before (but still cheaper than other places online).

      But yes, a WSO should be cheaper than available anywhere else online...that hasn't changed.
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        Josh -

        That's the point - the price here is the same price elsewhere. Just saw one WSO linking to another forum (DP) where the same product is offered with same sales page and price.

        It's been tried before but always if reported, changes were made. That's not happening now - which is why I'm confused.


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    Kay, Hello!

    I see you have been around here for a good while. As a beginner to the IM world, I am planning my first WSO in a week or two. I will be offering what I sell publicly for 50 to 75% less to Warriors who are interested.

    However, I have seen what you are talking about and it goes to show one of two things. 1) They haven't read the rules! 2) The almighty fast buck is more important than long term success. Another reason so many people fail at both offline and online business.

    Have a nice one. George
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    That was also my understanding- that WSOs have to be priced less than they are elsewhere. It's not really a "special offer" if you can go to another website and get it at the same price.

    siggy taking a break...

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    The sticky post you referred to has not changed, so my guess is that the rules have not changed either.

    There are quite a few rule-breaking WSOs floating around right now.

    It seems the latest craze is to copy a method discussed in another forum (usually blackhatworld), then come here and sell it as a WSO. But even after getting busted, the thread stays alive and people keep buying.

    Or, simply copying another WSO and selling it as your own. Once again, even after getting busted, the thread stays alive and people keep buying.

    There is one warrior that seems to be all over this and he's doing a good job of alerting others when he sees it, but it doesn't seem to be having any effect.
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    The rules haven't changed, what has changed is there is no longer as much moderation on new WSO's being posted and we no longer have dedicated mods who go through existing WSO's to make sure they meet the forum rules.

    The rules about must have a better price than elsewhere, must be your own product and not plr, mrr, or rr from someone else, as well as a few others have completely been chunked out the window since we lost the dedicated mods and went to the self moderated forum.

    Quite often I see WSO's for products that are stuff someone has PLR or MRR to or something that was a PLR product with one or two changes. The ironic thing is that even if you report it not much has been done lately.

    There is one membership script in particular that I notice being sold as a WSO over and over which is a reworked PLR of PHPAndys script from last year. This one product has been used as a WSO for quite some time now and I know has been reported over and over. Even though it breaks the rules by being a reworked PLR product it has continually been allowed to stay.

    It seems since we are self moderated we are going to be forced to put up with more and more of this type of thing. Honestly, this is why I have stopped running WSO's recently, I just dont see trying to compete with half a page of products that are breaking the WSO section rules and are being allowed to stay.

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    Originally Posted by Steve Porcaro View Post

    I am sure there is not a rule change...I am pretty definite that people are taking advantage of a member moderated forum here.....

    disclaimer: This is just my opinion I have no fact but I bet I am right
    I think you might be right.

    I saw a WSO made by an affiliate of a clickbank product that consisted of stolen bullet points and a link to the regular priced product.

    HTF did that happen

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    As Johnny says

    Better than public price

    Your own product

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      I know of one person that is selling someone else product as an affiliate. I reported it but they are still bumping their wso.
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    I think the rules say that you have to give a "better deal" on the WSO. It doesnt necessarily have to be the price, it could be that some bonuses or additional methods have been added to the WSO product.
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