Does anyone make good money using PLR?

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Hi WF,

I have never used PLR articles other than to make a quick spin or to do a quick rewrite for an easy backlink. And then that is not something I have done a lot of.

I am wondering if anybody is making serious money with PLR articles? At least a few $1000 per month. I am very interested if this possible.

For my sites I have only used high quality articles that I have written myself, or that I have paid the extra money for to have written. I am talking like 25 to $50 per article for 500 to 1000 words or content.

Maybe the PLR articles I have come across are a little on the cheap side, but I am not seeing how I would incorporate them into a solid money making website.

Please enlighten me, if I am blind to how this works
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    Hey Darren, I personally have not made any money directly from selling PLR but I have used it for keyword rich blog content which attracts subscribers

    Some people who have membership sites use PLR articles to 'drip feed' content to their subscribers which is possibly the best way I know of to make money this way.

    Others use PLR to create products such as Ebooks & even WSO's which can generate a substantial amount of cash when done correctly.

    I hope this helps.
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    Keep in mind that PLR articles are usually crap and they have been seen thousands of times, unless you get them from trusted and high quality sources and services... I saw some PLR articles that have been written back in 2005. and so... That would be an awful resource to take...

    However, I was able to use some PLR articles in a way of rewriting them... For example, from a pack of 10 PLR articles you can combine 3 to 5 pretty good articles for your website, but you are required to rewrite them... I usually add my own thoughts about the subject, change the layout of article, add some images, etc... At the end you can have a pretty good and quality article...

    My main point is: PLR articles could be a solid source of ideas for your own articles... Sometimes I simply don't have an idea what to write about... They I look at some PLR articles, get the idea, do a little research, combine them, edit and updated... and have a brand new article for my website...

    Also, you can do pretty good things with PLR articles and PLR content in general... I know that Brad Gosse did some amazing things with PLR content when he was launching his Chronic Marketer book just by changing the layout of articles and form of delivery...
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    Of course it's possible to make big money with plr which you can use to create great product and then promote your product.
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    Hi Tony,
    Is sounds like you are not just re-spinning these articles, but re-writing them, updating them and adding value to them, is this right? If it is, I can see why they are working.
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    I use PLR on all of my sites and do very well. Sometimes I'll rewrite the articles, sometimes I"ll just add some of my own information. I use them as scripts for videos or take a pack of them and turn it into a short report. There are tons of ways to use PLR besides simply as articles.
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