Which Tasks Do You Outsource? (and other crazy questions about launching a product)...

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Howdy Rascals,
Recently I have been struggling and trying to find the time to finalize a product (not IM related), so I need to outsource as much as I can. I have Exactly $1,000 USD to work with... That's it! (frankly, that's all I planned to spend in my budget to get this thing completed).

With that being said, what would you spend the money on?

What do you as an experienced product launching maniac choose to outsource?

First, I should mention that my content consists of videos, PDF's, MP3's... (you know... the same product put into various formats to appease the customers desires and needs).

I've already done the following:

>>> A squeeze page video (ready for quick edit and almost ready for upload).

Squeeze page is an hour from being ready (I need it created or I can create it myself using an already outsourced web template-just need to add the video and copy).

>>> I have already outsourced and received my web page
templates from a really awesome guy who goes by the name of Buddy.

>>> I am still going through the sales copy and cleaning up the draft. I'd say it is about 75% finished (I will be doing all of the copy, since I consider myself a heluva convincing story teller and copywriter!

>>> Been working on my auto responder copy, but I need to create a 7-day, 7-page report that leads them to my sales landing page (might need to outsource this 7 page report). I will put this report into a 7 Day mini-course that leads to my main product.

>>> On the landing page I will have a video of me, basically reading the script, which will be the sales page copy itself (they have the choice of reading the copy or watching the video, or both).

>>> It will move quickly to screen picture-shot proof and camtasia videos created with PowerPoint, then back to a closing video, which be the call to action with me in the video begging... ummm... I mean "persuading" my visitors to buy my product.

>>> For what it's worth, I will not be using an autostart on the video because I believe it it now against Clickbank TOS (I still need to verify this).

>>> I may be using CB because I need a crap-load of affiliates to help me push this product... (like I said, I'm on a tight budget with this one, so I need to launch w/o spending too much on advertising... although, I found some excellent resources for affiliates to advertise for my niche).

>>> If anyone knows of really good places for affiliates, put the links below or PM me. I should mention that this niche is in the construction niche, so it needs to be a place that has affiliates other than I.M.

>>> I need all sort and sizes of banners created (the ones on fivver kinda suck, so I need a better source to get these done (anyone got a specific link for this?)

>>> I need to put my affiliate page together, so I could use some outsource help on that using someone who knows some HTML.

I still have work to do with Camtasia to capture and create some of my content (I can probably finish this up in a day or two with some strong-assed Cajun coffee at hand and a comfortable beanie chair. :p

So, bottom line ... my biggest problem is that I know how to do all of this stuff, so it is killing me to figure out which part of this I should outsource.

Like I said I'm on a limited 1K budget (I also have other businesses going on right now as well as this one).

Any good outsource links or leads you could give me would be much appreciated!

Thanks a bunch for your help.

~ Steve

PS - I suspect I might get some back-door (PM) offers from this thread, so cool. If your price is right and you can show me examples, I might bite. I will do my best to respond and as quickly as I can.

... But
what I'm really looking for are those good outsource opportunities where I can get the best bang for my buck.

Thanks again!

Steevo out...
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    Long time no see.

    I'm sending you a PM
    "You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want."
    ~ Zig Ziglar
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    hmm thats interest me too :p :p
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    Here is some info from one of my previous posts about my take on outsourcing:

    ************************************************** **************

    Before you start to outsource, you need to assess what your strength and weaknesses are. Unless your weakness is still making you money and is profitable time-wise for you, one good method is to start outsourcing from the top of your weakness list.

    Another method is to assess what your immediate goals/needs are. If you need a website
    up fast, the easy part is getting it built. The harder and far longer process is filling it with content and doing the link building. So again, from a cost per hour basis, do the short stuff yourself and delegate the tasks that are time suckers to outsourcing.

    Outsourcing is just another form of leveraging relationships - much as you leverage your profits by working with a JV partner, so are you leveraging your time by outsourcing work to others.

    Many marketers do not see this bigger picture - they focus on the upfront cost of outsourcing work, without realizing the exponential costs they are incurring in the long run by miserly wanting to do everything themselves.

    One last piece of advice -- when you outsource, make sure your instructions are VERY clear -- the details of the job, the price you will pay, how payment will be handed, what the deadline for the job is, and any revision process that might be needed.

    A little time spent on documenting the details of the transaction can save a LOT of headache and disappointment in the end.

    ************************************************** ***********

    I will also PM you with a guy I use at Fiverr - his work is solid and his turnaround is FAST.

    Sounds like you are really moving along on your project -- putting the ACT in ACTION
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    The only thing that I outsource each month is to my autoresponder who collects my emails for me and send out the messages on complete auto-pilot. I never liked to order articles that others have written.
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    Primo - can you organize your list of things that you're doing / need done better to show what tools you're using?

    Your website: What kind of site? WP? How are you planning to deliver your goods? Membership plugin like DAP? Single shot download like DLG? Hosted solution like Kajabi?

    Your $1000 will need to be allocated to software that you buy or lease, graphics, and perhaps writing if you hire someone to do a bonus ebook, lead ebook, or write autoresponder lessons. Sounds like you're making a go of the copy and video yourself.

    Your list of things to do / need to do must have decisions next to it. What tool, what technology, who does the work? If you have question marks, let us know.
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