Video Hosting. Any ideas?

by ahmar2
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I was curious about video hosting websites. I mean what would be the best way if you want to go for such website where you upload videos for the visitors (not adult videos I am thinkin of so don't worry :rolleyes

I mean what would be the best approach . How much Bandwidth should be required and what would be best option video hosting service or dedicated server.

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    I compress my video with Handbrake to make it web ready. I don't remebmer the setting off hand but maybe someone can chime in with appropriate video size. Most people us Amazon S3 to host videos? I use it in combo with the video player Vooplyaer. It's available here on the WF. A lot of people use Easy Video player.
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    dont wanna be a kill-joy but whats wrong with YouTube?
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    It depends on the size of videos, and volume of visitors. As Nics said, you will want to basically compress the videos so they are not so large, as well as make them web-ready so they can be streamed without users having to download the whole thing first.
    Handbrake can do this or qtfaststart with ffmpeg will too.
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    For the video hosting,you should try
    It will give you the best service in a very low cost.
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