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by dogg74
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I will never forget the time when I went to buy fifa 10 at Game and I paid £42 pound for it brand new!!! Then I found out that Tesco was selling the game for £30!!!.... I was a bit pissed off!! lol

And that got me thinking, what if there was a way to find out where the best prices for games? Now there are a lot of comparison site online! but is there a really good one for gamers?

Is there a Place that makes shopping for games easy but at the same time give all the info you need for games in one place, news, reviews etc?

I am a gamer and what I wanted to do is create a website that a one stop portal for the best prices, latest news, and the most helpful review. I think I have created it

the website is called compare the game (

I hope people will check it out, and let me know your thoughts?? I want to build the best site for people that like games... if it does well I would hope I could give back, to the gaming community and more.. fund more ideas and help save people money at the sametime.
let me know what you think, and any feedback (good or bad) is appreciated, I want to make this the best site possable!
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    If I was a gamer I would love your site. There seems to be a lot of value on there for gamers. Nice clean design as well. Good job!
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      Your site looks great! Very good design. Well done.
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      Nice site, will be great when you get some more social interaction happening.
      What did you build it on?
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    I agree with the others. You have an awesome site that will give value to a lot of customers. If I were you, I'd add a shop where users could buy/sell used games once you get substantial traffic. I assume the 'buy now' buttons go to affiliate links.
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  • Profile picture of the author Ignite the Market
    I think you hit on a solid idea for a niche site. The gaming industry is a big niche though with lots of searches, so the key will be getting traffic to your site. Do you plan to monetize it and if so, how?
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    Looks like a great site in all honesty! Im very tempted to keep checking back their for future gigs.
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    Thanks everyone,

    I wanted to create a great site. .... the site is built around Affiliate like using the buy button

    Like Jeff said traffic is the key, then I can look to monetize it, from affiliate sales & advertising...

    If I am being honest, money doesn't mean than much to me,.... don't get me wrong I want the site to do well and make money so the site headtohead said "add a shop where users could buy/sell used games" (which is a great idea) etc.... looking to add hints and tips soon.

    my mate help create the website, works for a company called Melon Design & Marketing. great honest bunch of people if you want a website built.
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