Unlisted google videos for a private membership site?

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I'm trying to think of the best way to include videos in a membership site that keeps it secure from outsiders. I have signed up for Amazon s3 for the sake of keeping the large number of videos (and therefore bandwidth) off my server. From my understanding, videos there can be set for 'anyone can read' but they will not show in search results in any way. But then I just found that google video also has an 'unlisted' option that keep videos out of search results. This seems like a good free alternative. Anyone think of a negative or a way anyone but members could easily access the videos if I have them embedded in my site?


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    Why not just protect them or put them inside a protected members area area?

    You could use a flv script of some sort and simply protect the Video area.

    What Membership Software are you using?
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      I host all mine on my site and they're in flash format. That way they can't be downloaded, (at least not easily and without some technical knowledge). They do burn up the bandwidth though but that's the price you pay for going the video route I guess.
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        Actually, ppc coach, I know that it's easy to get a ton of free flv downloaders for youtube and such, so I assume it's easy for anyone from any site. I may be wrong. I'm making the effort to cut back on 'the price I pay' by moving them to Amazon S3 or such.

        Noah, I'm honestly not sure what I'm doing for membership right now lol. Nothing seems to have everything I want including an affiliate program with featured interface. Everything previously was behind a username/password protected directory but I want to change to WordPress because I really like one of the video plugins I found and it would just integrate nicely overall with our process. I have access to fantasos and may be switching to it, but for now, all new videos are accessed via a password protected WordPress Page. So the access is protected (well, short of people sharig the password which is why I need to switch to actual membership script) so I just want to make sure I put the videos somewhere that they can be accessed on that password protected Page without user needing additional password to view videos and without the videos getting indexed. If I were going to host them, I'd refresh on the information in Big Mike's product for protecting downloads but I'm not willing to take a chance with bandwidth flare ups.

        Thanks for your feedback!
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          Well, I did just remember that my favorite video plugin for wordpress does not play youtube videos (will have to check for updates). So I guess I'm going to go with Amazon S3 for now and then I can get back to deciding on a membership script that might work with wordpress and have affiliate management. Yeah, I know, I ask a lot :p
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            I have NOT used this service myself, but I know a few people that use Mike Filsaime's service to host videos for their membership sites, and they have had nothing but good things to say about it. The URL is: newvideopro.com

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              Try this.
              e107 = Free
              aMember = Rocks but $$
              e107 Autogallery Plugin - Streaming FLV's and protected Videos inside your members area.

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                Thanks, John, but I'd probably use Amazon S3 before newvideopro since that's a monthly charge whether the bandwidth is used or not. Maybe once I get higher bandwidth usage, I'll compare my cost with AS3 to his.

                Thanks, again, Noah. I had considered aMember and can't remember why I didn't go with it. Looking under the hood, it looks like it does everything I want including monitoring user access. And I can't say I've ever heard of e107. Definitely want to check into but not ready for the learning curve on this particular project.
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                  e107 is just a open source management system. I tried all of them and it's my fav for ease of use.

                  aMember rocks just missing the CMS component which unfortunately is pretty important.
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                    Hi Noah,

                    You gave me a link awhile back of some software that might take the place of amember in conjunction with e107. Can you post that here or email me at rjparkerjr@gmail.com


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                      Hi Christy,

                      If you are a member of "The War Room - Private Discussions" section of the warrior forum, there is thread that goes into details of protecting amazon s3 URL's.
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