SEO Idea... Legit or full of crap?

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I just had an idea and wanted to see what others think.

I was looking through Google Analytics for one of my sites and checked out the keywords that were used to find the site. I have 188 different keywords in the last month. Anyway, I've only targeted certain keywords, but there are many, many, more that people have used to find the site.

My idea is to go through all the different keyword variations and make 1 post targeting each of those keywords. I figured that if 1 person searched for them, then by spending roughly 10 - 15 minutes per keyword I could possibly pull in the other people that might be searching for those keywords.

Rather than searching Google to see what people might be searching for, I'm getting data that they have actually searched for. I think it makes sense, do you?
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    Not that I have the answer, but that would seem like a lot of work depending upon the number of people that searched for a particular keyword. There is no guarantee that the same keyword will be used in the future.

    Wouldn't it make more sense to only select those keywords that have a certain amount of usage and then target them.

    Just a thought.
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      yup, more ppl should be doing it.

      I check my awat stats all the time, and run keyword variations on that keyword phrase...

      do 1,000 posts, that's 1,000 posts at least month you'll get, or more

      best way to get / find targeted traffic. the keywords are there on the table, capitalize on it
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