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Ok, I know this isn't anything to get excite about, but my adsense account is showing some activity. Its kind of exciting to me though. Other than selling my video services in this forum, I have never mad a dime online. I checked today, and in the past day I made $2.65. Like I said, I know it is nothing to get excited about, but sure enough, it is what I needed to motivate me to get more visitors to my site! I just wanted to share.

Thanks for helping me, and I am looking forward to learning more from all of you!

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    The path to success is when you are able to identify which strategy is bringing the best result. Without a successful tracking many people could't have made it to the top. Since you know where your traffic is coming from continue pushing. Internet business is gradual enterprise that need to be nurtured.
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    I just put adsense on two of my sites. (one just yesterday) and so far this month, I have made $8.08.

    But you gotta get traffic to the sites. The first site I put Adsense on is my cigar site - www.sendmeyourcigars.com. I post on several cigar blogs, follow Cigar folks on twitter, and joined a woman's cigar site. This gets me a fair amount of traffic, but I must keep active in order to keep the clicks coming.

    The second is my cat site www.catladypublishing.com. I need to continue to put up content whether it is video, articles, etc. to draw reader. Again I use twitter, as I have made friends with lots of animal lovers. I put the adsense up yesterday afternoon, and in 1 hr I had made $2.56!

    Keep at it! You just need a great site, (or average ones like mine) and keep putting content on it and letting others know the site is there!

    Have fun with it!

    Carol Wingert
    http://www.iPhotographGod.com - Seeing the Divine in Everything!
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