New Clickbank Client Contract...But!!!

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Here is what I was just greeted to upon trying to log into my Clickbank
account for the first time today...(yes, semi retirement is great LOL)

Client Contract


ClickBank instituted a new client contract. To continue doing business with
ClickBank you must agree to the client contract. This action is only
required when there are substantial changes to the contract. Please read
this contract carefully.

************************************************** ****

Okay, that's all well and good...but...the problem is, if you read this thing
(it's ridiculously long) nowhere in the contract does it say what has you are a freaking lawyer and 100% knowledgeable
of the old one, you're going to have no idea what has changed.

I read it and don't have a clue.

I will say this much...there is a lot of scary legalize in it. It looks like
they're really going to crack down on things, assuming that some of the
scarier stuff is new. Again, I have no idea.

Anyway, read it. There's a lot of "we can do this" kind of stuff that can
end up having your account yanked out from under you if you break any
of these rules.

Maybe I should hire a lawyer to have him read it for me and explain it all.

** EDIT **

Great...after they made me go through all of that crap, after I logged in
I find on the right hand side, this notice:

This explains the changes.

Couldn't they just tell me that up front? Grrrrr!
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