Seeking Help? Have excellent skills but no job offered

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Hey Warriors,

I have been at this place for six years, I have read countless threads
and bought countless WSOs.

I've made $2,000 in those six years, not too much I know.
The thing is I am just 20 years old and don't need much money to support myself, $400-$600 per month would be excellent!

I want to become a Virtual Assistant for $400-600 per month, is that possible?

I can do everything an internet marketer do, I can create products, answer emails, drive traffic, get squeeze pages, write articles in selected niches (weight loss, muscle gain, internet marketing, dating and relationships).

I can design video sales page, I can answer emails and do Skype conversations.

When I go to Elance or Odesk, I find VA asking for ridiculous fee like $1-2 per hour!! I mean WTH .. If they are really doing awesome job for those $1-2 per hour then congrats to the employer who employed them.

I want to know, are my skills above needed? and can they bring me $400-$600 per month?

Thanks warriors and believe me this isn't a frustration call from someone who didn't do anything in the IM and blaming everybody and the circumstances for this, I know if I really wanted to earn that money then I would have to work and to work HARD.

I am a student in Medical School (will become a doctor after 6-7 years) and I have read countless marketing books, created products, done CPA, worked on Fiverr, drove traffic via solo ads, PPC ads, and old school traffic getting techniques so yea I have pretty different tastes, but in the mean time, I need a source of income to live on.

I really made money but not consistently and it sucks! I want to work a part-time virtual assistant and I want to know if that is possible for my skills and pay rate that I am asking for..

Best Regards,
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    Mohamed some of those VA's do a pretty good job for $1 per hour. Depending on how strong their currency is, that is not a bad rate.

    Everyone's experience is different but we start out VA's pretty low also. Then as time progresses and those that we find are reliable and do a good job, we start increasing their rates.

    As an employer, the biggest problem we have with VA's is reliability. Many VA's work a few days and then disappear for a few without notice and then re-appear again. The ones who are reliable and do a good job end up making decent money. And they keep getting raises.

    I don't know how much you want to charge per hour but the VA route maybe the better route to go.

    Blog actively at I continue to be a student of internet marketing and am fascinated by how different people use the same tools to get different results. I also do reviews -often because I can't find a good review elsewhere.

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    Mohamed, yes it is possible, but it's tough. One piece of advice I could give you is try to find a long-term employer(s) and prove to them you're honest, flexible and reliable; then you can afford to charge more. It does take a lot of work, but it's doable, and yes you do have to start with lower rates to compete on this marketplace. One thing I completely agree with Bloggerkhan is that those VAs are notoriously unreliable, they lie about their skills, they mix up their assignments, they often miss the deadline, they can disappear for days, and the worst part: what they charge doesn't make a difference in the quality of their work. But, again like you have found yourself, many VAs ask for a $1-2 an hour. To help you understand an employer's point of view here, I would not pay more to someone I don't know from Adam. It's just as simple as that. Good luck!
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    I would say that content writers are in demand, if you offer your services n some Freelance sites then I'm sure the rate would be around $5/hour so it is not bad.

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    Hmm thanks guys.

    so would advice starting out at $1-2 per hour and gradually increasing once I establish my reliability?
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      Originally Posted by MohamedEgypt View Post

      Hmm thanks guys.

      so would advice starting out at $1-2 per hour and gradually increasing once I establish my reliability?
      Well, there are two ways you could be doing that. First, create something like a limited-time special without specific time frame, and second, yes, get a few cheap orders and overdeliver on them. After you get the reputation and glowing reviews, move toward greener pastures. You will lose some clients, but others will stay with you even at a higher rate, because (see above) finding a skilled reliable VAs is not all that easy.
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  • $400 to $600 per month is easily possible either via offering a service, or without having to physically apply any of the job skills you mentioned on a regular basis. Our business model for example is to create a product in our niche, set up a website, and launch it. This then brings in well over $400 to $600 a month, per site). Not suggesting that this should be your business model as well, however with some thought, and the experience that you already have, I believe you could, and should be aiming higher.

    See this motivational chart that be helpful.

    Arnold Stolting.
    Arnold Stolting - Stolting Media Group
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    "Keep Up The Good Work!" Tony Lindsay - Lead Vocalist, Carlos Santana.

    "Very High Quality!" Jeremy Harding - Manager / Producer. Sean Paul.
    "They Are FANTASTIC!" - Willie Crawford.

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    It sounds like you've been all over the board like many other internet marketers, but you have made some money and developed a wide array of Internet Marketing skills from your hands on experience, which is very valuable.

    I agree with Arnold, that you should be aiming higher for making a passive income of $400-600 shouldn't be too hard for you, but you will have to have a clear vision of your business model and stay focused on accomplishing it without entertaining ideas of other business models and strategies.

    Wanting fast cash had always been a deterent in my success and I've seen this happen to others as well because it can keep you on the market for shiny things and a lot of room for distraction.

    Once you decide on a business model stick with it and keep refining until you reach your goal.

    A good longterm model where you make more money from one site, which I'll be focusing on more in the future is the following.

    - Set up Authority Blog as Your Hub to build your audience
    - Write high quality content everyday or every other day
    - Social network by visiting and contributing helpful comments in social networks and blog on sites and social properties in your niche
    - Focus on building up Facebook fans as well and if you can, set up some ads through FB and send traffic from those ads to your Fan page to build up likes
    - Keep in touch regularly with fans by letting know of your new posts and build relationships by asking questions, and keep the value up to keep them engauged.
    - You will focus on driving traffic back to your site and building your a subscriber list
    - You can then market to your subscribers
    - Eventually create your own product in the niche, which you built your audience around
    - Do Guest posts
    - Create affiliate program
    - Put some of the profits back into business and increase ad budget for FB.

    There are a lot of people that use the above model to make 6 figures a year with just 1 site.

    I think this model would be a much better investment of time compared to building out a wack of different sites depending on traffic from just one source like Google.

    You could do some freelance on the side but I think writing a post everyday and keeping connected to audience while building up your audience each day will keep you busy.
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