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Hey Everyone!

Sorry I haven't been around, but I was writing my novel which my publisher informed me will be coming out August 31st!! I am very excited. I have started a Kickstarter campaign to raise some money for editing, cover fees, and advertising. So far I have posted and advertised it everywhere I could think of. I was looking to my warrior friends for some helpful suggestions of where to promote it.

I have raised $120.00 out of $900.00 and only have 11 days left! Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

Emily Walker
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    Who is your publisher? Shouldn't they be doing the things you mentioned? If not, I'm curious to know the reason(s) you're publishing with them.
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      I have a great publisher, and they are doing all the promotion and everything for me of course. I am an overachiever though, and like to promote for myself as well. The editor is through the publisher but is paid by me instead of royalties!! Great Minds Think Aloud Publishing
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    For promotion, you can take help of forum, I mean related forum it would really help a lot in building brand name of your novel as well.

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  • Emily, listen to David Hooper. He pretty much invented everything to do with leading the way and publishing /marketing yourself as an artist / author etc online dating back to the days when logging on to the web sounded like psshshhhh ccrrrrrrr ping..ping.....shhhhsshh.....dingdongdingdong..... ....
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    "They Are FANTASTIC!" - Willie Crawford.

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      Believe it or not I remember that sound well! Thanks for the comment!
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    Hi Emily,

    Without actually seeing your KickStarter campaign (mind PMing it to me?) I couldn't tell you the finer things that would make your campaign dollars go up... although I did a couples day of research on this a few weeks ago, with another marketer... and we found that a targeted audience has been "attracted" to KickStarter, so offers that target them are more likely to succeed...

    However, we also found that if you have "some" traffic method, you can pull your kickstarter funds in fast, by having rewards that people actually want...

    just a quick thought,


    Canadian Expat Living in Medellin, Colombia

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    Last year I promoted dozens of Kickstarters and one of them (a dice game) ended up raising $32k in 30 days.

    The key is to buy likes (at least 700) and other social media blasts for it so it appears "popular" and then it will get listed on the popular page

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    I think it would not be a bad idea to get into the Ebook industry....you do not need a publisher for that!

    As for your current situation use social networking/bookmarking because you know people are on there to be interested in your book. Other than that kickstarter is already doing what you want because there are thousands of people who are on that website all the time giving out some money to help out tons of different projects! I wish you luck!
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