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I recently got someone to develop a small PHP app to help me manage my affiliate links and feedback to me some basic stats. I've recently got application to install and it works as requested but I'm a little concerned about a couple of issues that have cropped up and was hoping for some advice.

The application has been developed in CakePHP this is the first I've heard of this development platform, has anyone had any experience good or bad?

Previously all my affiliate links have just been simple PHP redirects but the new application isn't file based and works without the need to create files and folders but performs the redirects in the same fashion.


Someone I know has expressed a concern that if MySQL server goes down so will the links, I mentioned this to the programmer and they said it could be converted to use instead and so wouldn't require the server.

Has anyone got any ideas or recommendations?

I was planning on giving the software away for free, if you interested in testing in its current state PM me.

Thanks for any advice. Harry
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