do you think this landing page will work?

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check out.

Top 3 Acne Books Review

do you think that would generate sales?
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    But people don't want to buy books, they want to buy solutions.

    Give them a believable, credible answer...then you'll see some sales.

    It might not seem so to you, but your reviews come across as "hard sell".


    Test, track and constantly refine.

    Oh...and congrats for taking action, by the way!

    I hope you sell a ton.


    Not promoting right now

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    Give them the answer how this product will "change" their life. And don't focus on the price, your goal=> people click trough your page, so don't bother them with the price. The vendor's site will make the actual selling not you.

    Yeah it's can work
    All the best,
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    Hey there "monitorit"

    How are ya?...

    My first thoughts on the page were:

    VERY pushy in the selling.

    Products are barely scratched over, not really what you could call "reviewed".. even in the full review section.

    When I do review sites like this, I usually tone down the sale message and focus on each products individual points, benefits etc.. the customer will decide for themselves to make the purchase if you provide them with the right information that they seek (do this by connecting content to keywords)..

    This works for me, it's not the only way.. just giving you things from my perspective...

    Good layout on the site, and Kudos for getting stuck right in....



    Bare Murkage.........

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    Would you guys think it would be wise to try capture email address on sites like these reviews sites?
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      The page looks nice, however, I do agree that the language may be a little overbearing. Also, there are a couple of areas where the grammar needs a little work.

      Congrats on taking action and best of luck to you.

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    maybe focus more on how the books/reports worked for you vs. the content. if you reviewed them, assuming you tried the concepts? review what happened show pictures of before/after etc.
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    Acne is of course I great paying niche, but I'm sorry the design isn't too appealing. If you still have a budget to get it re-designed, I might help you get a more professional design. Something more like this **** berry weight loss review page I did

    Review Style Landing page -

    Hit me up via PM for prices.

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    I agree with most people here... you want benefits to "drip" from your page. Secondly, it's not the prettiest design (I'm biased here), but it's simple and could work for your market. I would consider having a stronger call to action and use a large "Visit Site Now!" button underneath the ecovers. Hope this helps.
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