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Dont want to go into 100 million questions on here. Have had alot of people help me off this forum. Add me on skype. Thanks in advance everyone

J.perry78 is my skype.
#mentor or advice
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      Hi Perrymma, That's a bit like walking into a map shop and saying, "Hi, I want to buy a map, please."

      First, you need to decide where you want to go.

      For example, I specialize in one particular type of Internet marketing - affiliate marketing. Within that specialty, you have a LOT of choices. I once wrote an article on 53 ways to make money with affiliate programs, and I was just getting warmed up.

      For example, do you want to do any of the following things:

      Publish your own newsletter?
      Create your own product?
      Promote other people's products?
      Create a forum?
      Create a squeeze page?
      Build an autoresponder series?
      Create a website? If so, what sort?
      Create a blog?
      Learn how to improve something you're already doing?

      If you answer is, "I just want to make money. What's the best way?" I urge you to start by thinking about your skills and interests.

      We could advise you to do all sorts of different things, but if those tasks don't match your skills and interests, you're likely to get discouraged quickly and give up.

      So, where to you want to go?

      Answer that, then work backwards. Start figuring out the questions you need answered so you can get there, one step at a time.

      My recommendation: If you're totally new to Internet marketing, start with some really simple. Master the basics first.

      I've sold AssociatePrograms.com - to an old friend

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    Always go with your skills, interests, it would always help you.

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    go with something you have interest and something you think you can do well
    some research before getting into anything would be helpful
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    You can add me also. I am open to any questions from your side as well.
    Ideas and Techniques to Make Money Online
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    It's best to sit down and read many helpful threads on here and then ask questions. Take your time reading and then make a decision and action.
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    What do you need to help? Should be something better to exchange with skype info.
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  • If you just started, I think you should read many basic im ebook review and find what type of IM you'd like to do most? PPC, List buiding , SEO... Then find mentor on that.
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    If you need any advice on SEO & LinkBuilding hit me up.

    Google "Yeti Yogi PBN" or "Yeti Yogi SEO" to get ALL my hidden SEO gems (downloadable blueprints, ebook, pdf, training etc.)
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      IM Overall is a very wide scope. Suggest that to be more specific and I believe you will find someone to advise/help you.

      Good luck!
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