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I want to learn how to create a landing page. I know basic HTML and Frontpage but I need to learn more. Can some one please guide me as to what software and/or application I need to learn?

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    take a look at Information and Resources for Cancer: Breast, Colon, Prostate, Lung and Other Forms. In your browser go to view > source. Or get a free html editor such as Aptana. save the page and then open it up and just play around with the code. The reason I say this is that when something goes wrong with your page, you need to at least have a basic idea of what is happening "behind the scenes" so to speak. No one application that I know of is perfect.
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    Adobe Photoshop .. If you can master that, you won't need any other software ever again. You can use photoshop to create the landing page and then use your basic html and frontpage knowledge to play around with it.

    It surely comes for a price, but is surely worth if you're serious into designing.

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    Second the vote for Photoshop. That plus Dreamweaver and you can do just about anything.

    If the cost is too much for you, one thing to look into is whether or not there's a community college near you that offers student software discounts. Lots of community or technical colleges offer 1-credit courses or online courses, so you can pick up a new skill and save lots of money on software. I've been taking some online web design classes at the technical college near me, and my student discount enabled me to get the Adobe Web Premium suite (typically $2,000+) for under $200. Totally worth it!
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    Dreamweaver for XHTML/CSS and Photoshop for graphics... then I'd sign up for a subscription at Tutorials - Online Training - to really get my hands dirty with learning XHTML/CSS and both dreamweaver and photoshop... I'd say it's the fastest way to learn.
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    This interesting forum has a lot of information about that.
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