Clickbank Product Owners... don't you just love it when they do this?...

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Your email inbox will be flooded over the next few days with emails promoting the latest product that teaches people how to promote Clickbank products. (It doesn't matter what day you read this, there will be another one along any minute now). The product may be very good. I have no idea and I don't really care, because...

Every time a product like this comes out I love it!

Here's why...

This product, like many other products that are available now and will be available in the future, teaches people how to promote other peoples Clickbank products. If you are a newbie, think about this for a second...

Q) Thousands of people will leap on this and what will they be doing?

A) They will all be looking on Clickbank for products to promote.

** How to win both ways when a product like this is launched. **

1) Have your OWN products on Clickbank (because every time one of these products comes out it increases your chance of having affiliates promoting YOUR product. They are being taught to search the CB marketplace for products to promote.

2) Make money from both sides of the equation by promoting the product as an affiliate (if it's a good product of course).

Can you see the reality and common sense about what I'm saying here?

It's no good leaping from one product to the next and buying everything that comes out. That's why most people fail to ever make anything much at all.

What you SHOULD be doing is 1) and 2) above.

Let the herd jump in and spend their money time after time on every new product launch. They'll all be doing the same. You'll be doing something different!

Remember the old story about the Klondike Goild Rush? Who made the real money? The guys selling the shovels and picks, that's who! i.e. the guys who were selling the tools that the masses desperately needed.

Have a look at 1) and 2) above again and you'll see again why I love it when a new product comes out that teaches people how to promote other people's products on Clickbank, and why all the other Clickbank product owners love it too!

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    Hey Roy,

    Great post, interesting take on things. Completely true as well, I just never thought about things that way...very clever.

    It's very easy to get a little tired of the constant launches and floods of emails..."$xxxxxx on clickbank in one month" etcetc, but if you think of it like this it's actually a pretty cool thing...

    Killer Emails. Cash-spewing VSLs. Turbocharged Landing Pages.

    Whatever you need, my high converting copy puts more money in your pocket. PM for details. 10 years experience and 9 figure revenues.
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