What makes fast cash online today?

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This is probably the most common question asked in the WF in one form or another but what works one day but doesn't necessarily work the next. Website flipping used to be all the rage, for example, when I first started, and then you had eBay and even the Warrior Forum being touted as marketplaces where fast cash could be made. Although it is still possible to make money on these websites, I feel that it is not as easy for the beginner. It takes a more planned and well thought-out strategy.

What do you guys feel are the best strategies that work today, whether old or new, to bring in cash quickly for newbies and even to improve cash-flow for more advanced marketers whilst they're working on developing their long-term online business?
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    Launch jacking with video is my vote.

    Do you sell on your website?

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    Providing a service. Easiest way to make some fast cash NOW online. Like right NOW! Offer a few free reviews to get the ball rolling or simply search for buyers on the various forums that are out there and offer your skills.

    You're going to fail. If you're afraid of failure then you do not belong in the Internet Marketing Business. Period.
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    adsense and cpa is always a great way to earn
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    Reselling can make you quick money but you have to know what you are doing or have a lot of talent - you have to know where to buy and whom to sell to so it will be profitable for you. The good thing about reselling is it doesn't require work, you just have to have the knowledge.
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    I agree: offer a service or product. Sell something that would be useful to lots of people, or find some kind of service you are good at that you can offer people.
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    I'd go for selling stuff or services.
    But generally, the days when you can earn money easily without any plan are nearly ower, you might find a niche that is quite easy to get the cash in, but no one is gonna reveal it easily.
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    I suppose it all depends on 2 factors:

    1. Whether you have any initial capital to kick start a campaign.

    2. If you don't, then using FREE methods is always going to require patience and more time.

    If you have some funds to play with, you could always go to sites that are selling pre-built websites that are proven to bring in monthly incomes and invest in one of those.

    At least you can invest in something that is a proven working business and can re-coup your initial investment once you see some profits after a few weeks from your new investment.

    If you are starting with little or no investment available, I would always recommend you look at starting building a list of subscribers.

    For the work it takes to set up any kind of business model online, you may as well build a list and own your very own proven online business model that works (as long as you look after your list of course).

    All the best all & enjoy the rest of your day!!!
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    If you can make an ecommercial website system, you can sell your products and promote them everywhere.
    I think that's the big resource to get money.
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    Honestly, I am getting annoyed with this question, or similar question. People knows how to use Google but I don't understand why they can't use this forum's search function.... Even if you explain it a million times to a million people, more million people will ask the same question over and over again and its a waste space...

    I think WF should think of better ways to direct people who are asking this question to an archive full of suggestions... just my 2 cents.

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    I understand Adie. I was asking specifically about what is working today as opposed to some of the tired strategies we sometimes see mentioned that simply don't work anymore. There will always be this type of question as long as newbies enter the forum and hopefully, they will continue to come on board. To be fair, you can simply avoid clicking on such questions, there are many more topics to browse at.

    Services seem like a popular response and remain a feasible way in. It seems like sites such as Fiverr can make this more competitive price-wise but they they can also provide good leads if the right marketing strategy is applied. I think the word 'strategy' is more significant than it was in the earlier days of IM. It just isn't as 'Wild West' anymore.

    Launch jacking and building e-commerce websites are some interesting responses too.

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    I agree jack. I think traditional approach like doing affiliate, niche sites, adsense, or something like that would never capture newbies' attention anymore. That's why I always told them to go to fiverr if they need urgent earnings and see if what can they do there.

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    Selling services to people trying to make money online is what half the IM industry is about, so go with that ;-)
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  • Selling product or service. But if you said fast cash, i think it depends on how fast you can drive traffic to your website.
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    1. have something to sell (a good powerful offer)
    2. A proven market ( a group of people who like to buy offers like your)
    3. A way to reach that market (PPC, Direct site banner buys stuff like that)

    This is the most effective and reliable way to make make money online.

    I have been applying these principles for the last 5-6 years and my income has been very stable and reliable. I will continue to use these for the rest of my life and they will continue to be reliable.

    I will teach them to my kids, and they will teach them to their kids, and they will teach them to their kids, and these principles will remain very solid and reliable.

    Never fall for some loophole or tactic, all this will do is rob you of stability in the long run.
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    Finding a niche that you like and then building a product or service around it. Using video is a very important aspect.

    Google "Yeti Yogi PBN" or "Yeti Yogi SEO" to get ALL my hidden SEO gems (downloadable blueprints, ebook, pdf, training etc.)
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    I agree with some of the others. Buying and selling is a quick way to start making immediate cash. You need to know what you are doing. However, a little time and research and you can make some incredible money.

    There are some great places out there to get products that many people want. They key is getting the items at a price that will allow you to compete with others selling the same item. Again, a little research and you can find a few products to sell quickly and easily.
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    I think the easiest way to make fast money online is to offer a service of some kind like freelance writing for example. Sell some of your stuff on ebay and buy more stuff to resell for a small profit.
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    eBay works for quick cash and so does Craig's List or ever your local classifieds.
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    Providing something in demand like advertising, articles, etc. will start making you money. It won't be a lot of cash at first, however, it's quicker and easier than other projects (like creating a wordpress plugin or building niche lists to promote affiliate programs).
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    1) Half.com

    2) Fiverr

    3) Becoming a freelance writer

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    Do local freelance jobs for small businesses, outsource the work to fiverr. Works very well.
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