Question for Affiliates: Does 100% Commissions Alone Make For An Attractive Relat/Marriage Product?

by rsides27 9 replies
This question is for warriors promoting products today.

We have created our first product in the relationship/marriage market (video product), have started to look for affiliate/jv partners, and are offering 100% commissions on the initial product ($47).

In your opinion, does 100% Commissions alone make for an attractive Relat/Marriage Product?

If not, what are some of the top things we could do that would cause you to want to promote that product? (outside of the typical email copy, keyword ideas, etc.)

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    They key metric isn't commission, it's EPC (earnings per click).

    I can offer 100% commission on a million dollar product, but if it doesn't sell, you won't earn anything as an affiliate.

    Earnings per click takes into account price, commission, conversion rate and the whole sales funnel that is being paid out on. Not to mention refund rate, which means it factors in whether the product is any good or not.
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      Andy, thanks. That makes sense. So should we run a few PPC ads to get an idea of EPC first before contacting affiliates directly?
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    Definitely. And remember to disclose your traffic sources when talking to them.

    Nothing sucks more than finding the vendor has got his test data from super targeted PPC ads or worse a ridiculously targeted mailing list and thus the data is essentially worthless to affiliates.

    So full disclosure is a good idea at that point.
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    There are multiple factors that tie into the picture of how attractive affiliates will find YOUR product.

    Without going too much into detail for your particular niche, you've to offer a product that provides immense value to the buyer first. The only way to attract top affiliates is by having a great track record for your product. Yes, you can also persuade affiliates to promote your product without a solid track record, however this usually works best when you have already built a trusting relationship with affiliates.

    Affiliates that don't know your or your product(s) yet want PROVE, and the way they acquire proof is through a track record.

    Answering your question about the best way for you to make money:
    There is really no such thing as a best way to make money through your self created information product. The only way you really know how to make the most in the long term is through split testing.

    Try to understand your audience, who they are, what they want and why they should in particular buy your product. Uniqueness and special values distinguishe your product from any other product.

    Even if you decide to offer your affiliates a 100% commission for your individual product, you should still intend to get the email of each person who buys your product to market to them later on.

    As said, there is no wrong or right way to do this.. You'll learn everything in the process of doing it.
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    Maybe nobody wants to say this.... But for me it all comes down to product quality. If hour product is amazing and really helps people I'm less concerned with conversion. If it is horrible or useless I don't care if the conversion is unbelievably high. I won't promote garbage.
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    Personally I have joined because of 100% commissions (back when I was starting out) just because the number looked fabulous....I didn't know any better and the product sucked. So I'm thinking that may possibly be what you get. Altho I am currently with a 100% commission product and love it. I think like was said all depends on the product! :confused:
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      Thanks for the help guys.

      @outsource - Thanks for that. We wouldn't create a useless product We're in this for the long haul
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    as already mentioned above, 100% commissions wont bring you far as long as your product wont sell... but IF your product sells and your salespage converts, 100% commissions can drive armys of affiliates if you know where to promote your 100% commission product to affiliates.
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    Yea I would like to know a good 100% commission product that converts
    I've been searching but can't seem to find what I'm looking for
    Any suggestions?
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