Using Tumblr or Wix to build your website?

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So I'm a bit embarrassed but after spending a whole day trying to configure a theme I purchased on wordpress (Following Instructions) I didn't have any luck. The instructions were good, but I just got stuck down the road.. Possibly because as much as I wanted to customize is I realize some basic coding is needed. In my case, I'm trying to start a consulting business and all I need a simple website for business. I don't need it to drive Traffic or offer Affiliate through it.. so I was thinking of using tumblr to build such a thing only because it's easier to use and understand myself then masking it with my domain name. So with that said, I was curious is Tumblr or websites like Wix worth investing into? I hear a lot about wordpress but these 2 other websites services never come up. Hopefully when I have more money, I would allow someone to build me the websites, but I'm starting from the ground up.

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    If you are starting a business, then, no, you do not want it on Tumblr or Wix or anywhere but your own domain. Put the default theme back on your wordpress install and start with that.

    You can change a number of things in 2012, and then if you want to try something similar to customize, install Atahualpa theme from the wordpress repository.

    But don't build your own business site on anything except your own domain. It might not be a guarantee that you get bitten , especially with a commercial site on Tumblr, but the odds are really high that you will.

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    You should consider managed WordPress hosting. Then when you run into a problem, all you'd have to do is turn in a trouble ticket

    And no, neither Wix or Tumblr is a good idea for a business website. WordPress or a website builder are much better options.
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      Why is Wordpress a better option in general? I'm not against it but why do so many people prefer it?

      The installation was essentially easy, but the way I wanted things to work didn't come out right and there was only so many personal options in the theme to change things. The possibilities are endless if I knew some coding which I unfortunately do not know.
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        I don't know why other people prefer wordpress. I like it because I bought a premium theme and learned to work with it to produce sites that looked the way I wanted them to. And my sites looked OK out of the box so to speak until I learned and practiced enough to make them look the way I wanted.

        I have gotten used to working with worpdress. I suppose if I had started with learning html and css, I would probably be comfortable with that, but I didn't.

        Template sites do have some drawbacks, it takes a bit of work to get different looking pages, but what I wanted mostly was a site I could use today, not wait for weeks for a designer or a year to learn enough coding and design to get what I wanted.

        A WP site has got some perks as far as being able to promote it around the internet,but really for me it was about getting the site up now, instead of next week.

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        I know of no reason why you shouldn't use Wix, if you want to. As long as you use one of their paid hosting packages and not the free service which leaves them with effective ownership and control of your site. It's absolutely fundamental that you have to own and control your own site, and use your own domain-name (which you don't register through the host) for it. You can do all that at Wix.

        Until some time late last year, there was a significant problem with Wix in that they offered only "flash"-based sites, but that's no longer so.

        But you should certainly stay away from places like Tumblr, Blogger, Squidoo, HubPages (and so on), for reasons of security among others.

        I'm not a Wordpress user, myself, though I can see from its popularity and the availability of help/support/training that it has advantages for many. I think it's reached such a "critical mass" now that people think "you're weird if you don't want to use it". It's become self-perpetuating. Well, I don't want to use it, for now anyway; but I do understand why many others do.
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    I would tell you the same thing today as back in 2012 - stick with WordPress. Yes, there is a small learning curve, but it's really not bad at all. In addition there are many free tutorials available when you have questions about specific tasks.

    One of the keys to beginning is to get a great theme from a reputable seller that offers great support, detailed set up and customization instructions, a quick and responsive forum or community, and lots of themes that are easily customized for your niche.

    I use StudioPress and they have it all. Their Genesis platform is stable and updated regularly. They have many excellent child themes to choose from. WordPress has so many free plug-ins that give you "add on" features (thousands of them). I wouldn't want to rely on Wix or any other single service to have total control over my web site.


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    I don't have idea about what the better one is. Tumblr is as good for your site as Wix.
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