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Ok, so I've been working on Internet marketing for a little over a year. I went through the IM A.D.D. and tried too many things at once for a long time. Now I'm trying to focus on one thing and have a series of questions about a site I put up.

I put up this site at the beginning of this year to try to get a head start on keywords for the new Ultrabook laptops. This is the site, (I understand it's a temporary domain name).

Traffic was building decently, but the site was (and still kind of is) a mess. It is now making me around $100 a month in Amazon sales. The problem is, I was on this medication that make me a lazy zombie for a while, but I'm off it now and ready to get back to where I was going.

QUESTIONS! (I appreciate any help that warriors can provide, thanks!)

1. Switching Domain Names (Same Content)
I have a better domain name that is long term to switch my site over to. Will it get penalized as duplicate content? I will be taking the first one down once it's transfered. (I understand I'll have to rebuild backlinks.)

2. How Does the Layout and Affiliate Linkage Look?
This is my first Amazon review website. I know a lot of it looks like a mess, what are some things you warriors see wrong. I'm trying to work on fixing a lot of it, but I'm no expert in increasing conversions.

I have the price comparison plugin from one of Tim Aktinson's products, I wish it were better, I don't have to cash to buy the CompariPresh plugin a lot of people recommend. Anyone know of a good free plugin?

3. Building a List for This Niche?
I know everyone says building a list is a must, I'm just not really what I would be sending out in the emails. I'm not sure how to keep repeat customers when people don't usually buy new computers regularly.

What incentive could I offer to get people to sign up?

4. More Ways to Monetize
So far I am using Amazon, Best Buy and other stores from LinkShare and CJ. The site got declined buy direct stores like HP and Dell for some reason. So far the sites making me up to $100 a month.

AdSense? I was told AdSense is not ideal for review sites since it takes potential customers to other sellers, and the less ads on a site the better I assume.

CPA? I could throw some CPA offers in there, like 'get a free iPad' banners or something. I'm not sure if it's the best idea though.

5. PPC Advertising?
I would like to improve my conversion rate as much as possible before starting paid ads. I did get a $100 Google Coupon, but the site got denied, I've read they don't like Amazon review sites like the one I have.

Do any PPC experts think this site would be benefit from PPC such as Facebook or Microsoft AdCenter? I don't really have much money right now to do any unexperienced attempts.

Any helpful information would be awesome. Sorry if this is long and painful to read, I just really have tons of questions (I'm still really noobish). I'd love to pay for 1 on 1 mentorship but don't have the money right now.
Thanks Warriors!
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