Experience with "The Challenge"

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Has anyone done The Challenge from Ed Dale?

could you give me an idea of what to expect. Is it worth it for a newbie?
How did it help you?

any feedback is appreciated

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    I'm not a huge fan of the challenge. I went through it a couple of years ago.

    The information you'll find on this site will be much better.

    My big tip is to get into production creation and copywriting as soon as possible


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      thanks, anyone else?
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    I took it years ago when it was called the Thirty Day Challenge. I would say that it is one of the best newbie internet marketing courses period. It where I learned the foundations of internet marketing. Ed Dale and team seem to be ahead in new technologies developing on the web. I learned about Twitter and Tumblr years before they became common knowledge.

    I highly recommend that you take the course. It's free. All it will cost you is your time. Check that, I think the new set-up may require you to purchase a few services.

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    I took it years ago and thought it was rubbish. Too basic and a lot of the tools they use are crap. That's just my opinion though. They teach you the slowest route to making money online. Who says a newbie has to learn keyword research, Seo, backlinking etc when they first start out? There's far better ways to make money online in far far less time than what the 30 day challenge teaches. If your goal is to make money in a years time then go right ahead.

    That was my experience at the time anyways. I think the SEO route to internet success should be put to bed at this stage. In my opinion it's the number 1 reason people fail in this game. They implement strategies that take too long to see results, their motivation deteriorates, the pressure builds from their family, they're under pressure to pay the bills and ultimately they are forced to give up. None of this was necessary and all they had to be taught was a proven strategy that gets results in the least amount of time.
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    Its the best start to internet marketing that doesnt cost much (except a domain name and a hosting package). Yes some of it is basic, but if you are new the lessons will be invaluable. Ed teaches the fundamentals of IM and how to make your first $1 online. Its how I got into it and I absolutely loved it.

    Ed gets a fair bit of stick from a lot of people but he gives all of this material away for absolute free. My advice is to do it. If you dont have the time to watch all the videos, then just read the pdf transcripts instead.

    A lot of people on here seem to be sprinting on the internet marketing racetrack before they can even crawl which is why you shouldnt believe everything you read on here. There will be so much crap you can read on here about silver bullets and quick fixes and make this much money in x amount of hours etc etc. The way to making a sustainable long lasting online income is through good solid hard graft. Not from buying every tom, dick and harrys latest WSO etc.

    Give it a go. It should take you a few weeks to get through but youll be glad you did it. I was.

    My two cents.
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    I just finished the challenge right then! So I'll just give a little feedback for anyone who might stumble upon this thread whilst searching.

    It was awesome. I really recommend it. Then just jump on here and search for the stuff you aren't clear about or need more information on. The Challenge provides a good basis of understanding. Then you can easily advance your self.

    You can always just skip through things that you already know or are boring you.

    Good on you Ed Dale!
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    The Challenge is very good for newbies. I am a newbie myself and they use a very good step by step method to learn about IM. Stuff is indeed very basic, which is good for newbies. So if you want to learn some basics about IM and maybe already work a bit on your own site, then give it a try. It is worth it!

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