On average, how much do you make per day net profit?

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Hey guys I'm close to making money online, I know it but I want to know how much you make averagely per day internet marketing? Is there an average or do some people make tons more than others? let me here from you.
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    This thread isn't going to end well.
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      Originally Posted by Robert M Gouge View Post

      This thread isn't going to end well.
      No kidding. Use the Search function. Countless threads about this. But, I wouldn't waste my time, there is no concrete answer to your question for several reasons. A) There is no average B) People don't want to share what they make C) Who cares because their average makes no difference to your average anway.

      What is the average size of a piece of string?
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    Easy question to answer - averages range from $0.50 to $10,000+++. My average falls within this range too.
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      $.50 at a low range.... Sell me your secret formula.

      Looking to make my first million by the time I retire.

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    Most make 0.

    Some (although they aren't hanging out here) have revenues of over $1M a day.

    That help?
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    Learn to use the search function,
    it will save you and everyone else a lot
    of time.
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