How many backlink articles are enough?

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I started a niche site about 3 weeks ago and I was just wondering how many articles do you have to submit before you start seeing some good backlinking progress?
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    This truly is Niche Dependent. If you are in a very competitive niche it could take anywhere from 6 months to 6 years but if you are in a fairly non competitive niche then it could be within a matter of days or weeks.

    This also applies to where you have placed your back links. I have found from copious attempts and failures that having your back links, in not only relevant but also high PR sites and blogs, does make a difference. In saying that though you can also have them on sites that aren't related to your niche, but make sure that they are high quality articles/posts that you are putting up on their site. There is an old axiom that is “what goes around comes around” and I have never seen that better demonstrated then in internet marketing. Putting up spam on other peoples sites destroys your ranks but putting up good content pushes you up.

    You can use tools like spin chimp and traffic kaboom to make articles and backlinks because they work but ensure that they are going to good sites and that you are posting good articles and those will give you the best links.

    To end off though no matter what you do, it is niche dependent. If you are trying to get your site up to number one in “Allstate home and car insurance” (very specific niche) you are going to have an extremely hard time getting number one, if you ever get it but it is “how to clean your puppies kennel” then you certainly have a better chance. If you are back linking correctly then you should start noticing an effect within a matter of weeks.
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