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Hi Warriors,

I just picked up a copy of Inc Magazine; this was the special issue where they rank the 500 fastest growing companies.

I noticed that Host Gator (the hosting company that I personally use) ranked at No. 21, with over 5,200% growth in the last 3 years, pretty impressive.

It was interesting to see all of the internet advertising and service companies that made the list this year.

If you haven't, I recommend you pick up a copy of Inc Magazine.


Brian T. Edmondson
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    Thanks Brian and how are you doing?

    Given the current state (fear state) of our economy, it is not surprising that an increasing number of Internet based companies are making the list. Easier to start and often times much higher margins than many offline concepts. Online marketers also seem to have an increasingly good handle on growing awareness for their brands.


    Thanks again,

    Sam Knoll
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      Brian, I use Hostgator too. Didn't know they were growing at such a rate of knots though.

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        Sam: doing well, long time no talk.. interesting looking piece of software there (exit pop)

        Roy: I was pretty impressed too, didn't realize how big they were getting. Founded in 2002 and now have revenues at $18.7 million.


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          Does Inc explain how they compile the list- how do they get revenue info from privately-held companies, and do they verify it?
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            Hi Brian,

            Great to see you here! How are you? I'm not a Hostgator customer, but will definitely check out the article.

            Patty Gale
            My Personal Blog

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    Yeah I just read the press release on it 2 days ago.. I been with them from almost the start it seems like. I have 2 servers from them.

    I must say eventhough I have been hosting with them I did not realize the amount of income they have been generating.

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      When I first started experimenting with all this I asked the forum for suggestions on hosting, Gator came up high on everybody's list. I was so impressed I did a squidoo lens on them.

      I was really stupid to start (and impatient too) so I've used their live chat helpers a bunch.
      Never failed to get my problem resolved online and in real time. I'm sure there are other hosts that compare, but I don't know any better, so I'm hooked! I've even thought about reselling their stuff.

      They deserve it IMHO!


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      Originally Posted by TheRichJerksNet View Post

      Yeah I just read the press release on it 2 days ago.. I been with them from almost the start it seems like. I have 2 servers from them.

      I must say eventhough I have been hosting with them I did not realize the amount of income they have been generating.

      Web hosting is a tough business. You usually lose money the first year you have a customer. The profit is in the renewal.

      Of course, I'm sure they have a sales department that makes up the revenue with upselling of web hosting, graphic design, seo, etc. Most web hosting companies older than a year or so do. Congrats to them.
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        Hey Brian,

        I also have been a hosting customer of Hostgator for several years now.

        I have a resellers account with them and have multiple clients who host
        their websites under my reseller account.

        Their support is second to none in the internet arena.

        I've had numerous bad experiences with other support systems, but Hostgator's support has always been
        there for me to answer important questions and to help me with website problems.

        And they did it with the utmost professionalism.

        So, I also have no complaints with them at all.

        Thanks for listening,
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          I use them and love them. Never had a problem. I have had my sites hacked twice and used the my server for nigerian spam of someone had died in my family lets share 60 million.

          You know the scam...

          each time the recognized the hack and problem. They fixed it and stayed on the phone with me to it was fixed....

          Great Company in my personal experience... I have 5 baby crocs with them and about to change of to a dedicated......

          2 thumbs up!

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            I wonder how many new signups they get each day.
            Bluehost get between 650 and 850 per day which is pretty impressive.

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