Providing a website with merchant facility for a client ???

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I am designing a website for a client who needs the ability to sell via the website. I am very much in the dark when it comes to setting up shopping carts, pay pal facilty etc online.
If I want to build him a site where by he just needs to sell one item or service do I need anything other than a simple pay pal buy it now button set up from his account. Does my website need to have a secure status etc... If he is selling say just 3 or 4 services that he wants people to be able to pay for online from the one site what structure and what things do you suggest I need to set up. In the dark on this one so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi Peter,

    It really depends what the client's needs are...The more complex the set up you'll probably need some sort of Checkout facility, not just a simple paypal button. To deal with quantities and different products etc...

    You can get a lot of info about sites like these from You might get some inspiration that will help. Also check out the "Offline" sub forum, there's a lot of guys in there who be better able to help and advise on this.

    Good luck with it
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