Are Solo Ads Becoming Diluted?

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Hi All..

I've just finished setting up my first ever squeeze page and I've been looking into driving traffic to it, one of the ways I was thinking about using is Solo Ads..

I was reading an article saying that they are now becoming diluted because so many marketers are using them nowadays..

I was just wondering if this is what most people feel about Solo Ads, or if they still are a great source of traffic?

Thanks In Advance

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    Yes the problem with any new IM fad is that everyone jumps on it and it becomes saturated.

    At that point you get WSO's making big claims about the fad, but by then it's all been and done. Facebook ads, pinterest, twitter, content curation etc.

    I get emails from people promoting exactly the same thing & then I unsubscribe.

    I'd say solo ads are dead in the water now.

    People may still make something from it for a little longer, but the writing is now firmly on the wall.
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      Originally Posted by troy23 View Post

      Yes the problem with any new IM fad is that everyone jumps on it and it becomes saturated.
      Solo ads aren't a fad. They have been around long before the Internet was around, in one form or another. The problem is the source. Too many people are buying solo ads from solo ad factories. They build lists from buying solo ads or list swapping and then rent those worthless lists out in the form of solo ads. As somebody said in a similar thread, "garbage in, garbage out".

      There are still legitimate businesses that you can buy mailings from. Their lists are lists of people genuinely interested in a niche or previous buyers in that niche. The difference is price. The solo ad chop shops charge a fraction of what the legit companies charge. People think they are getting a deal, because they blow up the size of their lists, but the ROI is soooo low.

      If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

      Founder of JVZoo. All around good guy :)

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    Nothing is diluted. The stories of saturated or evern over-saturated markets or niches are simply Internet Marketing myths (at least for me). I buy solo ads, and I have two-digit conversions(!). It's just staying away from the crowd, doing one thing consistently, and offering something really valuable on your squeeze page.
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    It really depends on the specific solo ads. A lot of people are advertising solo ads for lists that they mail to with free offers every day, or lists of people who habitually sign up for anything just to get a free report and then never open another e-mail again.

    However, if you look outside of the heavily advertised solo ads by e-mailing blog owners who are building their own lists, Clickbank product creators, and prominent forum members, you can build a responsive list with solo ads. Just remember that you get what you pay for--if someone is offering a hundred signups for ten bucks, they're not going to open your e-mails.
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    as brian says, solo ads have been around for a long time and the reason why many people talk about them is because they work

    for every solo seller that starts to lose responsiveness from there list there is many more up and coming solo sellers which have a much more fresh list which are eager to buy

    im not saying that people that have been doing solo ads for a long time don`t provide good traffic but there is always a massive selection of solo ads to choose from

    some of the best solo ads which have sent me the most buyers are often ones that are not that popular

    ive found some right gems, which have not been hammered and ive had excellent results

    keep looking for new solo ads to test while at the same time keeping the ones that have performed the best, using this approach you will NEVER have a shortage of targeted traffic ever again :-)

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    Solo ads have been here a long time and are not going anywhere. The key is to finding good lists that are not junk.

    Jeff Casmer
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    Do you have an offer in your marketing funnel?

    Set up your squeezepage as a membership site so that you can get affiliates on board and pay them for sales on the offer. This is essentially the crux of what butterfly marketing was.

    In terms of solo ads it's a bit of a jungle at the moment, so I wish you all the best of luck.
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    The problem is that most of the list sellers you see been toted here on the forum are freebie lists. There are reputable companies out there that will mail your offer to their buyers list. It costs more but you pay for what you get. Still, I have always found banner & FB ads to be far more targeted and people more willing to spend cash. With saying that, if your offer is mouth watering and you aim to over deliver, you can still make more sales than most marketers ever will.
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    Thanks so much for all your replies..

    You have helped put a lot of things in perspective for me!

    Definitely have a clearer idea what to look for when it comes to solo ads now!


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      I'm a solo ads vendor myself, so you may consider my answer as biased... but hey... I'll prove to you that it isn't... ok?..

      Here is the thing.

      I get too many requests for solo ads to even start counting them... most of the times though, they (the potential customers) want me to send traffic to some sort of MLM or other type of replicated funnel for some BizOpp.

      I usually deflect them asap.
      Unlike other solo ads vendors who take money first and look at the offer after, I prefer to decide IF I take an order or not by talking to the person on Skype prior to accepting an order.
      (I hope this is proof enough that I don't show bias towards solo ads being effective, as most of the times in fact, I refuse clients)

      Now, I also recommend these potential customers what and how to do it properly, regarding their funnels and follow up sequences, etc...
      • Some take my advice, come back at a later moment and they buy a solo ad and are happy after that.
      • Some are maybe lazy, OR maybe they just cross their fingers and hope that traffic from other vendors who wouldn't ask questions may convert... I suspect most of the times it doesn't.
      A properly built funnel should do well with solo ads, especially in the IM niche.
      Hard to find vendors in other niches, but not impossible though.

      Hope this helps?..
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    Have to agree with the posts above.

    I have bought many solo ads from recommendations Warrior Forum members have proposed to me.

    They have already used a particular solo ad seller and have openly shared their results.

    I have bought many of them and some have produced fantastic opt-in rates.

    Some have pushed towards the 50% opt-in rate mark.

    Which is great and if you have a very good OTO (one-time-offer) in place you can always make some money back from your initial investment anyway.

    I don't understand why people say such things it always confuses me as to why.

    Is it so they can produce alternative products and sell them once they have convinced people something is saturated.

    Maybe, who knows?

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion though and this is why the W.F. is a great place to share your debates.

    I wish you all the best KatyKoo with your latest solo ad adventures!
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    Solo Ads works if you know your numbers. It's the same for any media.

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