Letters From Domain Registry of Canada...Do I gotta pay them?

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I keep gettting these letters from the Domain Registry of Canada(i live in Canada). They keep requesting $40 for each domain I have for the year. Do I have to pay this? What do they want me to pay for? What happens if I dont pay it? I mean I got like 20 domains so they want me to pay like $800? This cant be right!?
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    99% sure it's a scam - you only need to pay to renew through your current registrar
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    I get the same letter in the US. I think that these are private companies that wants to renew your domains " for a fee".

    I have been ignoring them for years. I just renew my domains with my hosting provider or domain registrar and had no issues whatsoever.

    Check them out before sending them any money. Ask your domain registrar/host provider.

    Good Luck
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    I live in Canada and I've received it too. It's not actually affiliated with the gov. of Canada - they just want you to register your domain with them for an insane price. Ignore it!
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  • Domain Registry Of Canada sends out those notices in the hopes that you will renew your domain with them, as opposed to "your" domain registrar. (which in your case may be Godaddy, or someone else). Either way, have a closer look at your notices received, and you will read that you are not obligated to pay, but that it's a Solicitation. It's their legal way of saying, "we are offering a service at several times the price, but feel free to switch to us".

    Hope this helps.

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    Haha I havent paid them for years but was always wondering wtf was going on. Thanks!
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    You get those in both Canada and the US. At least it cost them postage to mail it, so it is a pleasure slamming them in the can. They must make money overall though, or it wouldn't keep happening.

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    Yeah, I get these too. I'm in the US though but scammers are everywhere. Must be working for them though because I still get some from time to time.

    I also get fake letters for business registration renewal. Whenever you're unsure just Google the name they claim they are operating under and you can usually find out within a few minutes if it's a scam.
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    They even get as far as the UK - shredding the letters is very satisfying

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    I live in Toronto. The Canadian government is trying to compete with private companies that offer these services. Fortunately, because they are the government they cannot be associated with any scammy practices. They do offer a legitimate service that you are assured is safe. Of course you can ignore the solicitation (for that is what it is) without any penalties, or if you do have a need for a safe haven, then by all means go for it.
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      I wrote an article about it a couple of years back - Domain Name Scam | Patricia's Planet - definitely a scam.

      Unless you set them otherwise your domains should automatically renew but at the regular price not the jacked up prices the scammers try to extort from you. You should also get renewal warnings from your registrar during the last few weeks that they are due for renewal.
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    I would suggest for you to contact your host for you to make sure. Don't send out money or payment to them yet until you get to talk to your host. This might be a scam and just want to earn money without working hard for it.
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    At the beginning I bought some domains from a Indian company as I did not have master card. They used to send me those type of message when I left them ( server used to down most of the time ). So I just marked those emails as spam and I am passing my 4th years without any problem....

    Surely they are scam and be aware about those type of message.
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    I get them too.

    It's just a regular old company, hoping for some confused individuals to "renew" their domain with them, at real high rates of course. It's not got anything to do with the government. Regular old companies are allowed to use the word "Canada" in their company name.

    Basically, they make it look as "official" as possible, as if it's got something to do with your domain, so that you will panic a bit, and pay out of fear of losing your domain.

    It's just a "solicitation" (not even as much fun as the other type of solicitation LOL)...

    Remember, domain registration contact information is public, so companies can try to persuade you to transfer your registration to them. Most let you come to them... but then, there's this one (or more) that comes the you :rolleyes:

    Just shred the thing with a great big smile
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    Originally Posted by bigballin6161 View Post

    I keep gettting these letters from the Domain Registry of Canada(i live in Canada). They keep requesting $40 for each domain I have for the year. Do I have to pay this? What do they want me to pay for? What happens if I dont pay it? I mean I got like 20 domains so they want me to pay like $800? This cant be right!?
    It is 100% a scam... DO NOT DO IT... They send threatening letters, I used to get them but I made them stop. I called them up and basically told them how aggressive and threatening the letters were and that I handed them over to the police for further investigation. Odd, the letters and phone calls stopped..
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