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Hello Everyone,

As someone who is just starting out in this IM thing I find I need a lot of inspiration on a regular basis or else I am ready to throw in the towel.

I am not going into details how hard and confusing it can be to take the first steps and actually take meaningful actions. All of you remember that.
When taking on the challange of setting up a business online that you expect to make money for you, you must absolutely brainwash yourself that you CAN do it. Inspite your lack of knowledge, skills, experience you are going to run a successful online biz. You must absolutely believe in that your efforts, your time and the money you spend are all well worth it. You must effectively deal with frustration, confusion, information overload, lack of focus, lack of support , doubts, depression, you name it.
The startup process can be emotionally upsetting when you constantly question your actions, when you have lack of faith and lot of doubt, when you go through day not believing that you ever going to be able to achieve anything online.

So, what do you do? What do you do to motivate yourself? Where or who do you get inspiration from? What inspires you when having doubts in your success? When feeling "This whole make-money-online scene is just so much bigger than me, I can't tame it!" where or who do you turn to?

I personally need a LOT of inspiration every day to keep me moving towards my goals. Otherwise I would feel totally overwhelmed by this taks. I am sure lots of you are in the same shoes here.

I find that videos and audios are great inspirational stuff. If successful people talk about their business, give usuful insights and share their knowledge.
I particularly like John Reese's videos on his blog. When watching him I believe I can achieve anything. I wish there were more videos similar to his. Do you know any?


So, please tell us how you inspire and motivate yourself day after day? Or if you have been already successful for some time, what was it at the beginning that made you going on?
Please be specific if you can. Don't just say "I read ebooks for keeping my spirit up", but tell us what ebook you read specifically. You like watching guru's videos? OK. Which guru, which video? Being specific I think enables us to make the most out of this thread.

Thanks a lot!
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