Juggling Home-schooling & Working At Home

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All 3 of my kids go to an online public school and life can sometimes be super hectic between being Coach Mom and working from home. I was wondering if any of my fellow warriors are dealing with juggling work life and school. How do you make it work?

I know for us I tend to get up around 8am and work until 10am, focus on school from 10am - 2pm and then work again from 2pm - 6pm. Catch up time tends to happen once the kids are in bed and it is certainly crazy on weekdays! I think work at home "Warriors" who also Home-school should get an award. :p

I hope you feel encouraged and not alone, feel free to share your ideas.
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    East Tennessee?? Go Vols! I'm pretty close to ya! Richlands, Virginia by the way, about 30 minutes from Abingdon!

    As a father I understand the hassle of juggling kids and working at home...I'm not into homeschooling yet, but I feel your pain! lol!
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      Go Vols???? Go Vanderbilt!!! I'm from Nashville but I have spent plenty of time in East TN the past few years.
      I don't have any kids so I can't comment much farther than SEC football on this one.
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        Originally Posted by JeffreyTN View Post

        Go Vols???? Go Vanderbilt!!! I'm from Nashville but I have spent plenty of time in East TN the past few years.
        I don't have any kids so I can't comment much farther than SEC football on this one.
        Haha.. I have to say we DO love our sports in TN.. especially football.

        Always time for that...
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    I've never home-schooled, but I have done WAH internet marketing with 4 young children in the house so I think I kinda know how you feel. lol

    Honestly, it became overwhelming for me. I wish I could offer you some great advice that would make it all better, but I think it's going to continue to be tough on you. Hopefully you love being your own boss enough to make it all worth it.
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    I did the online charter school thing with my oldest for one year when the local school wasn't good quality. It was rough working at home while doing that. I set up her computer right next to mine so that when she was doing an online assignment, I was right there to handle any questions.

    Honestly, I also found it motivating. I had so little free time that I couldn't afford even a little goofing off. I had to plan my work so that the things I could afford to be distracted on were what I did when she was doing schoolwork, but then I also had a baby in the house at the same time, so distractions were a part of the daily routine no matter what.

    These days, I'm quite glad that the local school went charter and is now worth sending my kids to. I just have the preschooler left underfoot, but she's getting better at entertaining herself, making it a little easier to work around her. Not much; she's a clingy one.

    Last school year I also volunteered heavily at the school (3-4 days a week, two hours each day), and I may do similar this year, depending on how things work out. The heavy volunteering was to my benefit too, as I was able to have my youngest along, and all that time with the older kids helped wear her out just a little.

    Main thing is to keep focused on work when work time is available. It's not always easy, and I have my husband deal with the kids one day each weekend, with the other day as family time, so that I get one completely free work day each week... not counting weekends when we go see family or do other things that completely interfere with that plan. Believe me, it helps to have a day where the kids aren't distracting me.
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    Jessica Lynn- Four would be a handful! Sometimes I think I must be crazy to be juggling all this plus work. :p

    stephfoster- Are you in garb for the ren fest in your photo? I ask because the top of one of my dresses is the same color green and off the shoulder style. :p (Ok that is totally my goof off adult thing, I am guilty of dressing up for those medieval fairs.) Anyways your story is inspiring, you are obviously a hard working and dedicated mom. It's tough with young kids but I think worth it to make sure they are well educated and out of trouble.
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  • I enjoy having different things to do besides IM. Gets awfully boring at home all day in front of the computer. Nice to mix it up with school, working out, and anything else to add some spice!

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  • I am a SAHD with a 17 month-old and another on the way in March. I have been home with her since she was 7 months and ithas been quite a ride. I home-school in the sense that I feel obligated to keep her Educated, engaged, and challenged every day. Add in house work plus remodeling, car maintenance, etc. and IM only happens when I get time. Usually early morning, late at night, or during a nap (happening right now). It is brutal. There are plenty of days where I just wish I had a solid 6-7 hours of straight time to get things done. But I have learned to work when I can and not get frustrated.

    I have a friend who thought I was living the dream (which I am!) but now after being a SAHD for 5 months he has given up and is looking for a job. It was too much for him with a 17 month, 5 yr old, and 8 yr old in the house this summer. It is challenging and not for everyone, but it is the most satisfying work I have ever done.
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    I don't know the age of your children -- but it might be worth your while to hire a high schooler to come in two afternoons a week and help the kids while you have designated work times. It's sometimes overwhelming trying to do it all.

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