5 Reasons I could have Failed as an Online Marketer

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Just read a post that stated over 90% of people fail online in the first 2 years, or give up. That really blew my mind, how ever when I got thinking about it I came close several times to almost calling it quits with my online marketing career.

I'm thankful I pushed through because I've found success over the past 16 months and become a full-time affiliate marketer.

I wanted to share with anyone who's struggling my insights into what you can do to push the odds of success in your favour.


Don't jump into the first thing you find online. There are a lot of options from adsense and affiliate marketing, to becoming an SEO consultant to offline small businesses, to info product and membership site creation, to free lancing in a vast array of areas.

All of these things can work, but don't just choose one for the money pick something you like and figure you can be happy with at least for the next few years. The right plan will make all of the above Business Models successful use your target income, lifestyle, and expectations as a guide line when choosing.

EXAMPLE: it's harder to make 100K as a free lance writer then as a PPC Affiliate (or at least I think it is, but a successful freelance writer might tell me I'm full of crap)


This is probably the one that kills every one that has been starving for success online, and it's coupled with Information overload in my opinion. Some of us will just continue to buy ebooks, join membership sites, read forums, lurk etc. How ever never really committing to anything.

If you don't commit yourself then you won't succeed (or will have a very slim chance of succeeding with that given idea). That's why it's important to do your research and choose the best model for you right now. Remember this isn't the only venture you'll ever do or launch you'll do others. Set yourself up for success and commit to doing it.


Don't care what model you choose to make $$$"s online you have to make a plan. Set goals, create a marketing and business plan.

None of it needs to be text book but grab a pencil and some paper and start mind mapping what it is you're going to do, how much you're going to make, mile stones and goals for yourself. All this should be done long before buying a domain or creating content, running PPC ads etc.


Ok so you've got a model, a plan you're ready to open for business..... What now.. DO IT you have to take action to make things happen other wise you're all talk no... I know cliche "Action".

A lot of people know a ton of stuff about SEO, PCC, design,PHP & Mysql etc. but they don't implement what they know or don't take action in their business model. Mean while there are folks floating around out there making 6 figures a year online with a fraction of your knowledge.

Shows you how important Action is. You need the specific knowledge but without action to go along with it you might as well stay home.


Remember that like any other business you'll have high and low points. For most entrepreneurs online or offline we have really high highs, and really low lows. That's OK but don't fall off the horse.

When things get tough regroup, look at your plan, restructure if need be and keep going!

A few things to be careful Of

Information over load is a big problem in all areas of online marketing. It's important to stay abreast of your area of the web, but if you're working a method don't worry about feeling like you might be missing out on something better.

You can't do everything at once, so do your research in step one to ensure you give yourself the best shot at success with the options available to you. Then ignore new opportunities until you reach your goals with the first method.

This is what has helped me the best, and if I had followed my own advice I probably would have been able to go full-time sooner then I did in marketing online. I was torn one way or another over the past year and a half with new ideas and items that weren't really 100% related to my business model.

REMEMBER: The only difference between starting a business online and offline are the barriers to entry. It's less expensive and faster to get setup online, but if you don't use the same rules that apply to starting a business offline you're limiting your chances of success and realistically just creating a time intensive, and sometimes cash intensive hobby.

Hope this shed some light on things for people just getting started.
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    Originally Posted by Razer Rage View Post

    One question: How do you have two number 4's?

    Great post.
    Hee hee... lack of proof reading thanks I fixed it.
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    5 Reasons that I could have fail in online marketing is that:

    1. I don't know how to promote myself.
    2. I don't know how to use SEO
    3. I don't know how to make landing pages.
    4. I don't have enough confidence on myself.
    5. I can't use my own idea.

    Hi! I am Reynald Laque Logan | Reynald Logan Dreams, 22 years old. Living in Dumaguete City “The City of Gentle People.” I am a pure Filipino Citizen. I am a Freelance Provider preferably working at oDesk.

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      Originally Posted by reynald2790 View Post

      5 Reasons that I could have fail in online marketing is that:

      1. I don't know how to promote myself.
      2. I don't know how to use SEO
      3. I don't know how to make landing pages.
      4. I don't have enough confidence on myself.
      5. I can't use my own idea.
      I suppose if you want to get nitty gritty each one of my points is on a very MACRO level. How ever they are areas that you must do and cannot really learn some where else or have someone else do for you, that's why they are so important to me, and in my opinion others that are just starting out.

      There are hundreds of steps to creating an online business that is successful in the eyes of the owner.

      How ever with your points specifically here's my thoughts:

      1. I don't know how to promote myself.
      Lots of places to learn this, and most people starting out don't. You need to take action to learn how to do this or put someone in place that will do it for you depending on your biz.

      2. I don't know how to use SEO
      Well there are hundreds of places to learn it and people you can hire to make it happen. You just need to take the initiative to learn or build the costs into your business plan.

      3. I don't know how to make landing pages.
      Again, freelance sites to hire people, tutorials on blogs etc.

      If you setup a store selling something offline are you going to do all the reno's, lay the new floors, paint etc. or are you going to hire experts in those fields?

      4. I don't have enough confidence on myself.
      Well, 1st question is why would that person want to get into their own biz? IF it's they want freedom or to improve self esteem etc.

      I direct people to the book "The Magic of Thinking Big" it has helped me a lot over the years and can solve that problem.

      5. I can't use my own idea.
      Hmmm large problem..
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        Thanks for taking the time to put this up. Great for getting re-focused.
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    Nice thread!
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