How to get my corporate story picked-up by media?

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Hey everybody,

just wanted to ask you guys how and what you think is the best way to get my corporate news getting picked-up by traditional media? Do you believe that being picked-up by traditional media outlets give more credibility to your business on the long run?

Look forward to hear your thoughts on that topic


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    I think getting picked up by traditional media like TV, radio and newspapers is huge. But you've gotta have a hook, an angle. What is your company doing that makes it newsworthy? Figure that out and then put together a media kit and write some professional press releases and pull out the postage meter.
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    I would send it off to PR Newswire and send intro letters to the relevant reporters. Sometimes I would just pick up the phone and ask for the department. The old traditional way works!

    Ambar Hamid

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    Yes, I definitely think it does.

    I have been a regular on national television and radio for a while. I believe this exposure has helped me.

    My advice to you is to start off small. Try your local newspapers or cable tv stations. Do a good job!

    Then, use those credentials to contact larger newspapers, radio stations, and then tv stations.

    I get TONS of local inquires for my local business and I think that the exposure I have had has helped my online business as well.

    You can see some of my national tv interviews here
    The Teacher

    I hope this helps.
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      Most press release sites will only distribute your press release on the internet.

      To gain access to the newswires that professional journalists use you will probably have to use a paid service.

      A professional journalist will flick through the news wire looking at the headings. If your release does not have a heading that catches the eye, then your press release will not be read.

      After the journalist opens the press release, he/she is looking for something that will make a story. This will need to be something unique or controversial.

      You need to provide everything they need for creating a story. This way they can already know what the story will be. Contacting you will be just to see if they can add more color to the story.

      Once you have the above press release done you can also contact your local media sources. Ring up your local newspaper or radio station and ask to talk to one of the journalists. Tell the receptionist you have a story for them. At most you are out of pocket the price of a phone call and five minutes of your time.

      If you get written up in your local paper or interviewed on your local radio station, send a copy of this to the national media outlets. It makes a journalists job a lot easier if they are reusing/sourcing from another journalists work.
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