How Do You Manage Your Marketing?

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Do you use google docs, word or excel, basecamp or some other tool for managing what you've done and what you've hired others to do toward seo, blogging, social networking, online sales, and all the other web stuff?
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    Originally Posted by lerxtjr View Post

    Do you use google docs, word or excel, basecamp or some other tool for managing what you've done and what you've hired others to do toward seo, blogging, social networking, online sales, and all the other web stuff?
    You named many tools here, and each one I use for something else

    basecamp - to track online projects and fill tasks lists between multiple members in the same project.

    google docs - to use keep notes between projects.

    excel - to provide reports etc.

    and the best Tip I can give you make sure you keep your files
    and manage them all in one place, you will save yourself a huge headache.
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    Well.. heh.. I use Improvely. Because I made it. It's a tool for managing all your marketing, including paid ads, social media, search and organic traffic, all from one place.
    Improvely: Built to track, test and optimize your marketing.

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      We have used a couple of task management tools in the past, like basecamp. They have worked well but they require the "new" team members to learn the software before you can actually become productive.

      We are trying out a new web based tool called "GrexIt - shared folders" which appears to be a simple and effective to manage projects and assign tasks. The good part being that it works right out of your email inbox where most of your communication lies. We are working and assigning tasks right from email which looks an easy way to carry our projects.
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    Ive personally found that although it is really clunky, I like to use Note Pad on my computer in conjunction with Excel. I find that It keeps track of everything and I rarely loose something if I keep it well marked. I find this especially good for syndication. I put in all my Passwords, Usernames and URLS into a NotePad and then I put the URLs into an Excel document as well. I can use the Note Pad as a quick reference and I can click directly to my pages with Excel. It doesn't really matter what you use you just got to make sure that your "documents" are well marked and title and that once you have made a choice as to where something has to go you keep it there or you start getting confused.
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      I've been using Google docs for my spreadsheets - backlinks, websites and other lists.
      I've been using Howtracker for checklists that I do over and over again. (easy to use and manage template system)
      I've been using Do (from salesforce - free) for project management from start to end.
      Then I use Google Webmaster tools + Google Analytics to keep track of what web properties I own.

      I've been looking for a solution that allows me to bring all of this together - but I may end up creating one that suits me ..

      Do you sell on your website?

      - I'll show you how you can Get 20% More Sales without adding ANY traffic by Making Your Website Faster.
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  • I use evernote and dropbox premium accounts to manage everything. Evernote helps me manage my content and come up with ideas for blog post, I also have a spreadsheet in there where I can track my username and passwords. I love the way you can share notebooks that way your clients can see everything you are doing. Also it has a neat feature where you can create to-do lists for people and they can check it as soon as it's done. It works well for myself, clients, and whatever writing jobs I outsource "magically appear" in there.

    I also use dropbox and create a folder for each client and share it with them so that they can see what is going on. This is nice for bigger files, or if you want to upload large video files and such. It helps me keep track of spreadsheets, files, videos, etc. Anyone I work with I am very likely to share an evernote notebook or dropbox folder.

    As far as tracking my blogs/ social media I recently signed up for raven tools, and I am considering keeping the service. It is a really good way to track your social media and blogs. Hope that helps.
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    Microsoft Word and Excel.

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    I do manage my marketing with a plan on hand and written and also with a calender and a number of tools.
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    I keep a record of my work offline...
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  • I use google docs and basecamp . They are cool and easy to track projects..
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    If all comes down to personal preference. You can use any of the software you mentioned or even a whiteboard or notepad and pen. Personally I use a mixture of all the suites you mentioned for different tasks. At the mo:

    - Basecamp & Trello for project planning
    - Excel for tracking
    - Google docs for sharing
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