Is the OTO only offered once right after the squeeze?

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I know the OTO is offered right after the squeeze but I have seen some people offer them again in the autoresponder which really doesnt make it a OTO. Also is there a chart anywhere which shows all upsells, downsells, OTO, and everything and how they should flow?
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    If you are refferring to "one time" offers then the answer is Yes. You offer it only once. But if you are just referring to upsells and downsells then you can offer it any number of times as you want.

    Just make sure that you don't drive the potential customers crazy...

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      The process you use after someone opts-in to your
      squeeze page is entirely up to you.

      There's no set way of doing it.

      It also depends upon the software you're using for your
      shopping cart.

      I use RapidActionProfits and with that script, I can either:

      Show a real One-Time-Offer (OTO) where the offer is only
      shown ONCE after the squeeze page and is not accessible


      I can set the script to show a Special Offer that is shown
      after the squeeze page but is also viewable at any point
      in the future too.


      I can set the script to show no offer at all and just send
      the new subscriber to the download page.

      Personally, I'm not a big fan of multiple upsells, downsells
      and I choose not to treat my customers that way either.

      Instead, I prefer to make a simple related offer once
      someone joins my list as a subscriber. That way, I get
      to build the more important buyer's list faster.

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    It depends on what you wish,You can show them once,or keep them showing every step.But make sure you don't make them sick.I will show them one offer only once.
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    Thanks Shaun OReilly for mention RapidActionProfits because I was searching for such script.

    I don't like all the upp and down sells but one OTO and one upsell can help you I think.
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    what i have done in my funnels is still sell the same product as the oto but the difference is i charge more money if someone buys it after they close the oto page

    for instance i charged $5 for one of my products on my oto page but within my follow up emails i charge more so it is a oto

    you need to keep your word because otherwise you will lose all credibility

    also, here is a thread which i created a while back about sales funnels which will help you

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