what's a good goal for a decent list?

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when you are building your list - what is a good goal to strive for? provided you know it will be a solid, responsive list. 1,000? 5,000? i understand it all depends on what you are selling your list, your offers, etc. But what number would you set as your initial goal?
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    I'd say either 500 freebie leads or 50 buyer leads would be a good first goal.

    Then double that for your 2nd goal.

    Then after that aim for either 1000 buyers or 10000 freebie subscribers.
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    5,000 subscribers should get you earning money right away.
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    About 1,500 was my first goal to make. But you well start to see money come in at 500 or so. It really depends on what you are selling or promoting. Shoot for 2,000. Best of luck.
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    Are buyer leads really that much better than free-bie opt-ins?
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    I think it depends on the relationship you have created with your subscribers. If they trust you, then your list won't necessarily have to be 'huge' to start seeing some profits.
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