Is Warrior For Hire Worth It?

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I want to give the "Warrior For Hire" Section a try and post a thread. But the thread post costs $20 so I want to make sure before I wade in. Is it worth a try?

Thank you!
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    I think so. However, might be wrong. Depends on your service. Please post:

    1) Who you are
    2) What your service is
    3) How much you charge
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    Depends on what service you are looking to offer, then again as long as it is useful for Internet Marketers the "Warriors For Hire" section is a goldmine.
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    Do you only write in Internet Marketing/Network Marketing niche? If you can write good content in any niche I can order unlimited articles for $5 each. You can then pay for WFH thread if you still want to.
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    It all depends on the individual you choose to hire.

    Make sure they are competante and have the knowledge needed to work on your project properly.

    Other than that, most the guys in there know what they are doing - so, it is defiantly worth a try.
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    Depends on your talent as a writer and a marketer. If you know how to craft an attractive ad and don't write $5 SEO articles like everyone else, you can make a very nice profit.

    *Checks Signature* Oh. You do write IM articles. Well, you'll probably still make your $20 back at least, and in the Phillipines that rate might be good enough for your needs.
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    If you put an ad in the Warrior for Hire Section,
    I would suggest you also put an link to in in your signature on WF as well.

    Then post useful, helpful posts as often as you are able.

    When you can afford it, then up your game by adding a graphical signature link as well.

    I hope this helps.
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    I think the fact that there are thousands of threads there is enough evidence it's a good way to advertise. The rest of it is up to you. Good luck.
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    Just like the other said, it depends what you seek for and how much you want to get involved .. You can always hire a junior who wants to start practicing and get experience and you can see how that goes
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    Be sure to post/link to plenty examples.

    Screw You, NameCheap!
    $1 Off NameSilo Domain Coupons:

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    It is worth it, if your service is quality. Make sure you write a clear descriptive thread. If you are not sure what to include, have a look at others with similar services and take the best parts from each.

    Including samples of previous work and testomonials if possible.
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    I agree with what several others have said. (The ones who bothered to read the post and see you're not hiring you're considering placing an ad.)

    Read and study the other ads. Then write an ad that focuses on what makes you different --in other words -- better. Link to several samples. Don't compete only on price.

    Then link to your ad in your signature.

    I run my ad consistently and it always brings me work.

    Good luck! Rose
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    Thanks for the help fellow warriors... I guess I'll have to put if off for a while and concentrate on building credibility and getting testimonials for the time being... And yes, I also cover other topics.. Though I find myself an expert in writing internet marketing/ network marketing/ make money online-based content, I'm comfortable in writing for any other niche...
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    Truth is, you don't have to be an old timer or have credibility before you can run a successful thread.

    I have seen a lot of people who came from God's know where and started making money in their first month of sign up.

    Here are some of the criteria to help you succeed:

    1. Pricing
    2. Quality of service/type of service
    3. Money back guarantee
    4. Turn around time
    5. Distinguish yourself from your competitor


    I have seen new sign up succeed in article writing, designing but certainly not SEO.

    There is something you should also understand, you might be new here but that does not mean the new sign ups don't have skills from outside.

    Sometimes, in life you have got to take chances, fail, stand up, fail, try again, succeed, succeed. Life is full of ups and down and misery.. I wouldn't allow other people's opinion ruin myself, the choice is yours..
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